Parenting a Creative Child

Deadline August 15, 2020

Have you wondered how to best support your child’s growth, especially during this unprecedented time? We invite parents and their children to join us for an interactive webinar with Mary Andrus, Art Therapy Program Director at Lewis and Clark College, and Portland-based art therapist Jolie Guillebeau.

The speakers will lead participants through a calming art-based activity and discuss how creativity helps children (and the child in all of us) process challenging situations. Explore how the intrinsic link between art and play is crucial for children as well as adults. Plus, come away with tools and resources to encourage your children to express themselves fully.

Please have the following supplies available for a craft during the workshop:
Aluminum foil, masking tape, markers, paper (optional: feathers, buttons, glue, pipe cleaners)

About the Speakers
Mary Andrus has been teaching art therapy and supervising students since 2008. She is the program director of the Art Therapy Program at Lewis and Clark and founder of Art Therapy Studio Chicago Ltd. where she oversees a practice of art therapists offering art therapy to adults and adolescents. Mary believes in creating opportunities for all people to reach their full potential through creativity.

Jolie Guillebeau is a Portland-based art therapist who believes that creativity is the way healing. In her practice, Jolie supports children, families and adults in finding better communication strategies, increasing capacity for dealing with hard things, and learning to talk about feelings and needs. You can learn more about Jolie’s work on her website,

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