Past and Present :: A New Workshop Series

Deadline July 06, 2020

We at From the Ground UP are thrilled to announce this year’s community workshop schedule!!

From the Ground UP is a Portland based organization that creates new works of theater with marginalized populations to elevate sidelined voices, invoke important community dialogues and support the creation and production of stories that are often overlooked. Currently we are focused on serving women-identified persons, with the aim of creating a more equitable artistic landscape here in Portland and diversifying the stories being created and told in regards to gender.

As part of this initiative we are bringing back our community workshop series ‘Past and Present’ with two new weekend intensives. Lauren Bloom Hanover and our founding Artistic Director have teamed up to create a unique training opportunity for women-identified persons. This workshop series brings together two seemingly unrelated subjects with great success. From the classical works of Shakespeare to the raw and immediate creation of new autobiographical work, Lauren Bloom Hanover and Katherine Murphy Lewis combine their efforts and expertise to offer a workshop series that will expand your skill sets, ignite your intellect and awaken your imagination. Join us this spring or summer for Shakespeare for Shrews and The Make and Matter of Creation, and engage in From the Ground UP’s one of a kind artistic community!!

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