Photographic Lumen Printing Workshop

Deadline June 18, 2022

Create dreamy color prints of botanical specimens using a fun and easy camera-less photographic method

Stroll the grounds of The Verdancy Project collecting botanical specimens to create your own beautiful and ghostly color prints. Each person attending this workshop will create a bundle of their own beautiful lumen prints – a cameraless photographic process – and be equipped with the skills and knowledge to continue creating lumen prints.

Each unique lumen print is one of a kind revealing an astonishing array of images from representational to absolute abstractions of color, shape, and form that celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of nature.

A lumen print is essentially a solar photogram – a camera-less process involving black and white photographic paper, a subject matter that usually (but not always) consists of organic material, and the most important element, the Sun or a UV source.

Ages 9 and up, all levels are welcome in this workshop.

Price: $85 + $10 materials fee = $85.00 Total
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Troutdale, OR

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