Photographic Lumen Printing

Deadline August 13, 2021

Stroll the grounds of The Verdancy Project collecting botanical specimens to create your own beautiful and ghostly color prints. Each person attending this workshop will create a bundle of their own beautiful lumen prints – a cameraless photographic process – and be equipped with the skills and knowledge to continue creating lumen prints.

Each unique lumen print is one of a kind revealing an astonishing array of images from representational to absolute abstractions of color, shape, and form that celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of nature.

A lumen print is essentially a solar photogram – a camera-less process involving black and white photographic paper, a subject matter that usually (but not always) consists of organic material, and the most important element, the Sun or a UV source.

Ages 10 and up. All levels are welcome in this workshop.

Saturday, August 14th
11am – 2pm
Price: $75 + $10 materials fee = $85.00 Total
The Verdancy Project – Troutdale, OR
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This in-person workshop will be taking place outside under a tent or in a shaded area. Masks and social distancing are required.
Please see our health and safety guidelines for more information.

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The Verdancy Project, 30310 SE Division DR, Troutdale, OR

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