Read Like A Writer, Write Like a Writer: Prose Workshop

Deadline April 30, 2024

Being a writer means being a reader. The best way to become a better writer? Become a better reader. Books are a writer’s most invaluable collaborator. To read like a writer is to explore why and how a narrative works—and then mirroring it. Over the course of five weeks, we’ll do just that through a close study of craft and grow from there. In “Read Like a Writer, Write Like a Writer,” we’ll read together one essay and one short-story for our models and then, through guided discussion that culminates in a creative writing prompt, we’ll share what we were inspired to write. You’ll not only come away from the workshop with new writing, but with new habits for whatever you write (and read!) next.

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Attic Institute of Arts and Letters, 1033 SW Yamhill, Suite 405

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