Recapturing Your Inner Creative Spirit

Deadline February 22, 2024

We can always learn more and improve as creative adults in this society, where we forget over time how to utilize our full creative Potential. In this Workshop, Vin will bring you back to the basics of all the creative tools that you have harnessed and have built over your time, and we will merge them collectively and, in a few hours, be transformed from and by each other in the room. We will have an opportunity to re-craft ourselves creatively. We aim for you to walk away from my workshop inspired by new ideas that ignite a deep desire for creativity.

Through empathy, Vin will encourage you to think outside the box and look at situations from different perspectives. This work is intended to inspire and reflect to dig deeper and help you peel back the layers and see how we can navigate in our bodies to see others in our inherent human functionality truly. To create.

Over Vin’s 22 years of experience working overseas and on Broadway, I have learned through my professional experience to share all of the knowledge that was given to me by my mentors and elders to create exercises that help adults re-master their talent.

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Historic Alberta House

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