Sculptor’s Assistant

Deadline June 30, 2022

Assistant needed 30-40 hrs/wk July and August to help build large-scale public art projects. Mostly metal work – cutting, prepping, surfacing, and grinding. Some wood, some mechanical work, some assembling, running errands, keeping the shop clean and organized. Basic wood and metal shop familiarity a must – angle & bench grinder, metal cut off saw, table saw, band saw, chop saw, drill press. Attention to detail and safe shop practice a must. Vertical mill or welding experience a plus, but not necessary, and might be wasted on this level of prep work. Math skills a plus (do you know 1/8″ is the same as 0.125″?) Perfect for an underemployed recent art school grad. $15-$18/hr depending on experience. Email resume.

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NW 25th and Wilson

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