Springwater — a 2020 Participatory Project Residency at The Living School of Art

Deadline February 01, 2020

This residency is open to individuals or collaborative groups working in all creative disciplines, who identify as immigrants and/or BIPoC (Black, Indigenous or People of Color). If you don’t qualify for this residency but you’re interested in connecting with us, please reach out at livingschoolart@gmail.com!

In your application, propose a project that engages our apartment community (or a specific person or group of people in our apartment community) in a collaborative or participatory project.

Your application will be reviewed by our Youth Application Jury, a group of young people (aged 6-14) who live in our apartment complex. We will contact you by February 20, 2020.

This residency is unlike a traditional artist residency (single artist working alone in a studio). It is a project-based residency with a collaborative or participatory element. Our neighbor community spends a lot of time together as “not blood family but family”, and through this residency, we invite you into our home.

The residency provides…
—$700 stipend
—Support/mentorship in developing a successful socially-engaged project
—Basic studio art materials, and access to woodshop power tools and basic ceramic equipment
—Potential budget additional supplies (as needed on a project-by-project basis)
—Access to our shared studio space and art/plant library
—Inclusion in a publication by The Living School of Art
—A public presentation of your work (exhibition, publication, workshop, screening, talk, etc)
—Flexible timing of the residency to accommodate your project and schedule

**We are not able to provide housing for artists-in-residence

The Living School of Art is a responsive art project directed by the interests of our apartment neighbor community. Programs are led by and open to neighbors of all ages. Our most involved collaborators are a core group of young people (aged 4-20) and their mothers.

LSA is nestled within a 120-unit affordable housing apartment complex in the Hazelwood neighborhood of East Portland, OR. Most tenants have lived here for 5+ years. Many people in our neighbor community identify as immigrants or refugees. Roughly* 30% identify as Latinx immigrants or first-generation (Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, El Salvador, etc), 30% as Eastern European immigrants or first-generation (Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Romania, Bosnia, etc), 25% as other immigrants or first-generation (Nepal, Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, etc), and 15% as non-immigrant or American. [*Note: the data we’ve mentioned is based on anecdotal approximations, not scientific measurement]

The Living School of Art facilities include:
—Neighbor-built community vegetable garden in our former swimming pool
—Medicinal herb garden and outdoor gathering area
—8 laundry rooms that serve as exhibition spaces for wall-based artwork
—Library with art and garden books
—Shared studio space for programs, classes, and gatherings
—Outdoor patio workshop area
—Woodshop/ceramic tech space

QUESTIONS? ////////////
This application was written by real humans. If you’d like to ask a question, email us at livingschoolart@gmail.com

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