Studio/Gallery/Retail space at Disjecta

Deadline October 07, 2020

Disjecta Contemporary Art Center in the North Portland neighborhood of Kenton is a space for exhibitions, performances, and creative community events. We have 4 tenant spaces, 2 of which are possible retail front spaces.

Available October 8th, this 900SF space features a retail front with a door and large windows on each side, with large interior separate storage space and/or office.

This space has been renovated recently and has been used for a gallery with a personal art studio inside it as well as a retail space with an office inside of it. Artists, non-profits, and creative businesses are ideal tenants for the building, although we are open to office/retail tenants of other industries.

$1260/mo ($16.80 SF/ Annual) includes secure 24/7 access and average utilities costs. This rate is COVID reduced for the first 6 months and then will go up a bit, exact timing negotiable.

Contact us to schedule a tour and to learn more about Disjecta! Email with your name, business name if applicable, website, and what you are looking for in a space.

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8371 N Interstate Avenue

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