Sumi Floral and Landscape Painting

Deadline December 09, 2022

Join artist Yuming Zhu in exploring the art of Sumi Painting through focusing on landscape and floral subjects. To begin we will concentrate on painting wisteria and lotus in Sumi style which emphasizes lines, brush strokes, and energetic composition. Wisteria shows resilience, movement and energy, while Lotus represents purity and soft energy.

For the landscape portion of the class, we will learn to capture beautiful Pacific Northwest scenery in the sumi expressive style. Techniques for splashing ink, energetic brush strokes, and background washes will be practiced throughout the workshop.

This workshop welcomes beginning and professional artists. Throughout the workshop each student will receive individual instruction to further their personal artistic growth. This workshop invites you to celebrate life graciously, learning from the spirit of Wisteria.

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