Summer Immersion Opportunity

Deadline July 31, 2019

Rejuvenation. Community. Freedom. Join us for a transformative experience at the 25th annual Alexander Technique Summer Retreat. Held in cities around the world, with a team of international master teachers, we are lucky to have this event come to Portland this year!

Do you bike, work a desk job, dance, have old injuries or chronic pain, or do bodywork? Do you want to change existing habits or build new ones? For whatever it is you do we offer a different perspective, with experiential tools and respectful touch, to guide you towards greater ease, freedom, and comfort. Learn tools for conscious living using movement and somatic skills. Work closely with teachers, students, and explorers to change your relationship with your body and get more in touch with yourself.

The retreat will be held at the breathtaking Still Meadow Retreat center, located near an old growth forest, where the richness and calm of the outdoors support the work of making connections to one another and ourselves.

July 31 – August 4
July 29 – August 4 with Body, Breath, and Sound

Email for discounts and mention RACC.
Register before June 15th for an early bird rate.

Pick your program:

Wed, July 31st – Sun, Aug 4th

Open to everyone! Learn to do whatever you love to do with more ease, joy, proficiency, and artistry.

Come learn an incredible amount about your body and being. Your relationship to your body will change for the better, forever.

Leave more deeply in touch with yourself, with others, and with the world around you.

Mon, July 29th – Sun, Aug 4th

Body, Breath, and Sound is an essential retreat for:

– Performers, musicians, and actors
– Body workers curious about how breath can help the hands be more effective
– Those who direct meetings or teach workshops
– Athletes who want unrestricted breath

Everyone interested in the biomechanics of breath and voice is welcome!

Sat, July 27th – Sun, Aug 4th

Are you an Alexander Technique teacher or trainee? This is a unique opportunity to study with five master teachers in one place, in a dynamic team teaching environment that engages trainees at all levels. We answer questions that arise in your teaching practice, offer mentorship at your current skill level, and create professional networking and community.
The intergenerational, multicultural, international community that gathers at these yearly retreats is rich with curiosity, knowledge, and experience.
Come learn with us!

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Still Meadow Retreat Center, Damascus, OR

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