Survivor Creative Summit

Deadline March 30, 2019

Project AH: LE 3rd Creative Summit
Group Name: Artist/Humankind: Location/Earth

AH:LE was created in 2012 Beth Ann Short started a project called Artist/Humankind: Location/Earth (AH:LE). AH:LE was created to provide anyone the opportunity to share their own life experiences with others using creative expression, while also accessing a supportive community in the process.

This year Beth Ann Short proudly announces the topic for the 3rd AH:LE Creative Summit. The term survivor includes many life experiences. A survivor may be the last person from a group of people, a survivor may also be one who copes and moves past difficulties in their life. This project will also explore resilliency in the process. There are many different reactions to adversity, crisis, trauma and/or change. We live in a world full of diversity, each human full of wonderful complexities that define each individual’s uniqueness. This uniqueness is shaped by our narratives.

This creative summit will provide individuals in the community the opportunity to create a piece of art honoring their narrative of survivor in a safe open studio space with others also taking on the call. Participants will be supplied with a foundation and will use studio supplies to create their piece in scheduled open studio sessions. With the current climate of our culture an overall goal of the summit is to provide a platform for individual narratives, increase public awareness and acceptance, while also providing a safe place for participants to explore and potentially process some struggles around their narrative. The art created during the summit will be installed and displayed in a group exhibit at Evolve Gallery at the 100th Monkey Studio. Afterwards it will be a part of a traveling show.
Applicants should be 18 years or older.
No art making experience necessary.
There are no costs to participate.
How do I apply?
Visit the website and fill out the application and we will be in touch in April 2019 to set up a time to meet.

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