The Yugen Project: Songs From Around the World

Deadline May 01, 2020

The Yugen project is a visual album, with ten songs performed in ten different countries, all over the world. As the name suggests (Yugen is a Japanese word defined as a profound sense of the universe that provokes such strong feelings that they cannot be put into words), the project will inspire people all across the globe.

Each song is recorded live, and has a connection to the theme of the album which is to unite people globally through the storytelling of music, showing that music can have an impact in all people’s lives, no matter how different people’s lives are. Through storytelling, we learn to listen to others, gain knowledge into different cultures, and learn to have empathy towards others. Arguably the most powerful medium of storytelling, music is a universal language that can be used in globalization to unite people as one.

As a visual album, the featured band/artist will first describe their relationship with music and how it has influenced their culture (the visual aspect paired with images of the featured country and city). Sequentially, they will perform their song live, which will be recorded both visually and auditorily.
Our Goals:
1. To voice the different stories told through music all around the world, representing a global community of musicians.
2. Give an opportunity to showcase just how powerful music is in all different types of cultures.
3. Transcend cultural boundaries by exploring the influence of expression in music as universal human beings.

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