Two Summer Workshops with Joseph Mann

Deadline July 08, 2019

Join us as we investigate different approaches to organizing space and composition with figures. In these workshops, we will work with one or two models each day. Workshops include daily discussions about the way these compositional problems (such as welding images together) have been approached by great painters in the past, intensive working time, individualized feed-back during studio time and the creation of a rich and supportive environment for all. For studio artists, the importance of combining observational painting with conceptual structures is of primary importance; this is what Cézanne called “creating a parallel to nature.”

The theme of these workshops revolves around creating horizontal format images with multiple figures while considering the space and structure within the image. We will look at and discuss imagery from the masterful artists of the past and present as we create engaging, dynamic work.

Upon registration you will receive a materials list. Easels are available and the location where we will be working is secure, so we can leave our equipment in place over night without worry.

Although these workshops are designed to be beneficial to artists at many levels; previous experience drawing from the model is recommended. Each workshop is limited to twelve participants.

These workshops represent a continuum of my teaching from many years at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and in Portland for over twenty years. “Tradition is not to preserve the ashes but to pass on the flame.” Gustav Mahler

Figure Drawing Composition
*Monday – Friday, June 24 – 28
*9 am – 5 pm
*Staver Locomotive, 2537 NW 29th

Figure Painting Composition
*Monday – Friday, July 8 – 12
*9 am – 5 pm
*Staver Locomotive, 2537 NW 29th

For information, registration, questions and scholarship availability, contact me at:

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Staver Locomotive, 2537 NW 29th, Portland

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