UNIQLO Creative Admin Assistant- Bilingual Japanese

Deadline May 31, 2023

The Company:
Uniqlo is a celebrated apparel brand from Japan evolving into a great global brand.
Its Japanese DNA gives Uniqlo a unique perspective on casual apparel which is a western invention. However, Japan has hundreds of years of excellence and beauty in the craftsmanship of textiles along with many decades of leadership in the science of textile technology. We are interested in the evolution of clothes, from its meaning to function to style. This DNA and cultural history, gave birth to our philosophy of LifeWear which influences not only what we make but how we act as citizens of the world. LifeWear begins with our respect for all people and their everyday life. Therefore, our inspiration comes not from the fashion runway, trends or the elitists but from the needs of everyday people. For us, the concept of the “everyday” is an elevated idea, highly inspirational and very sophisticated in approach. Therefore, our focus is to bring the highest quality of experience to the greatest number of people. Our goal is to improve the lives of all people through what we know best, the power of clothes. From its humble beginnings in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Uniqlo today is rated by the global investment community as the apparel brand with the highest value. Yet, there is still much to do in order to maximize our potential. The future is unlimited, clearly there is a lot to accomplish and this is the challenge and joy of our daily work. Our long term vision is unique in our industry and the magic lies in our creative mix of East and West culture. Together, we strive to create something new and relevant for world through this idea of respect for all people.
LifeWear: Made for All.

The Office:
Global Creative Lab
The ability to create and market beautiful timeless clothes is key to our success. LifeWear is much more than just “basics” and our challenge requires both creativity and hard work.

Therefore, the concept of Global Creative Labs was developed to increase our creative thinking and making internally to meet the challenges of the future. The labs are a combination of skills needed to build a great contemporary brand including all types of creators, including art directors, copywriters; editors, strategic planners, producers, technologists and account directors. We are a self-contained internal marketing agency that works with outside creative sources and suppliers.

The Global Creative Labs are engines of innovation, a source of inspiration and constant cultural connection to a rapidly changing world for the Uniqlo brand and all of its divisions through its abilities to think and make at the highest levels. Each team member will be challenged to see the world in a fresh way, to learn again and open up to a different way of thinking and working. Time to unlearn to learn again.

The Responsibilities:
The Portland office is connected to the global offices of the brand with daily connections with Tokyo and New York. The Portland office is small, very tight knit as a team so it is important for everyone to accept the challenge of multi-tasking while also focused on specific responsibilities.
This office is core to the creative work of the Uniqlo brand in its relationship to the other Creative Labs, especially New York.

It is critical that the administrative assistant is curious, self-motivated, organized, intuitive problem solver and a good communicator to help run a well-organized office with schedules, travel arrangements, budgets, expense reporting and communications internally as well as our connections to other offices and collaborators.

– Must speak, read, write Japanese.

– There will be some translation work.

– Must have basic computer skills to create documents and presentations.

– Experienced preferred with Outlook, Excel, Word, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Keynote/Google Slides, and multi-media programs as needed.

– Should have interest in contemporary culture, any topic such as art, design, fashion, music, sports, technology or social media.

– Oversee the operations of the office including the maintenance schedule of equipment and ordering of supplies. Help the office to run efficiently.

– Execute all forms of business communications such as letters, emails and presentations.
– Assist with managing business/personal appointments and scheduling and calendar maintenance.

– Help to connect with Tokyo through video conferences, learn how to operate technical equipment.
– Maintains highest level of confidentiality with all matters, inclusive of internal subject matters, financial and personnel.

– Coordinate and book all business/ personal travel arrangements and expenses (T&E, Flights, hotels, transportation)

– Organization of research materials and resource materials including the library.

– Help to bridge our East and West culture and enable better understandings.

– Be a positive representative of the Uniqlo brand and Global Creative Lab.

Portland, Oregon

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