Writing the Unloved: a Hands-on Literary Exploration of Great Basin Reptiles

Deadline July 05, 2022

A five-day hybrid workshop/residency experience at Oregon Outback residency center PLAYA Summer Lake, “Writing the Unloved” gives writers the chance to immerse themselves equally in their craft and the flora and fauna found at the edge of the Great Basin.

Led by author and biologist Tom Titus, this guided residency will provide a hands-on opportunity to experience the biology of Summer Lake reptiles and learn to write deeply about your relationship with reptiles—as well as expand this literary exploration to the “others” that lie outside our zone of comfortable familiarity.

“Writing the Unloved” takes place at PLAYA from July 21 to July 25. PLAYA’s campus includes cabins and studios nestled against the edge of Winter Rim on one side and the wide-open playa on the other.

If you have any questions about “Writing the Unloved,” please email info [at] playasummerlake.org or call 541-943-3983.

More information can be found at https://playasummerlake.org/product-category/2022-workshops/july-21-25-2022-writing-the-unloved-a-hands-on-literary-exploration-of-great-basin-reptiles/

Image description: A snake travels from the hands of the person holding it onto the notebook of a second person, who is also holding a pen.

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PLAYA Summer Lake, 47531 OR-31, Summer Lake, OR 97640

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