Oregon’s Creative Vitality Index

Oregon’s creative health is robust, according to a report commissioned by the Oregon Arts Commission, released in May 2007. The Creative Vitality Index measures the health of the creative economy in a city, county, state or other geographic area as it compares to the national index, and creates a benchmark for future measurement. Using readily available, inexpensive data on employment and community participation, the index measures for-profit and nonprofit arts-related activities, as well as participation in the arts, to reflect the vigor of this sector of the economy and culture. Oregon’s 2006 CVI ranks 1.05 against the national average of 1.

Around the country, civic leaders, economists, philanthropists, business leaders and arts community leaders are engaged in lively dialogue about what constitutes the creative economy and how it impacts a region’s overall economic and cultural health. The Creative Vitality Index reflects the broad, systems-oriented thinking behind this dialogue and reinforces that nonprofit arts organizations and public arts agencies are part of an interdependent whole, the creative sector, the vitality of which is essential to the continuing health and vitality of the greater economy and community.

Oregon Creative Vitality Index Overview

Oregon Creative Vitality Index Full Report