Chanda Evans

Arts Education Program Manager

Chanda joined RACC in August of 2020 after spending nearly a decade away from her native Pacific Northwest (this time around) in Boulder, Los Angeles and New York City.

Having a passion for advocacy, she has spent most of her career working in the non-profit world and education. She believes in promoting inclusion and equity in arts education which must be solidly supported and funded in public schools for all children. Accessibility is key for community engagement with the ability to build bridges creating lasting connections which champion diversity and personal growth. We can and should always grow, lean forward and be willing to take steps that might seem uncomfortable to get to where we should be.

Having been actively engaged in Participatory Budgeting while residing in NYC, she hopes that this form of grassroots democracy will take a foothold in Oregon and enable people to see how they can make a difference on the local level.

Chanda received her Masters of Philosophy in Literature and Politics from the University of Glasgow in Scotland. When not scouring for new vegetarian recipes, she enjoys watching SciFi, is a self-described political junkie, loves spending time with family, listening to jazz, reading & writing and plotting her next travel adventure to new places and to catch up with old friends. Joshua Tree National Park and Berlin are two of her favorite places. She lives in inner Portland with her family, including her chocolate labrador, Whisky Drake.