Dan Yedinak

IT Manager


Dan Yedinak has humbly joined the team at RACC as the IT Manager. He brings with him many years of experience working in IT, both for large organizations, and as the owner of a boutique IT Consulting and Services Company focused on small and very small businesses. This breadth of experience has exposed him to a wide variety of technologies, and perspectives on their use - including risks, like privacy and security.

Along the way he has also been actively involved in local non-profit and community organizations whose missions are dedicated to Autism, and public education advocacy. In the Autism community he has coordinated events and outreach, including fundraising, and served as the Assistant Director of the ARROAutism Westside Family and Community Center. In public school advocacy, his efforts were part of the team at Beaverton Community for Education whose mission has been to improve access to opportunities especially as they relate to gender and socioeconomic equity.

Dan is also a fan of both science fiction and real science, which has guided his vision of people in the world and the overlap of issues including space exploration, permaculture, global warming, mental health, homelessness, and justice system reform. He believes all people have a voice that should be heard, and endeavors to help as many as possible to do just that.

Pronouns: he/him