Eve Connell

In a previous life, Eve received practical degrees in French literature, philosophy, and linguistics, taught undergrads / grads, launched an art gallery, and honed floral design skills. She now spends billable hours writing, editing, and training professionals in communication skills, primarily business writing, public speaking, and leadership development. She’s the managing editor of University of Hell Press and visiting professor for various MA / MFA / MBA programs in California and Oregon, including OCAC and PNCA.

Upon landing in Portland, Eve immediately immersed herself in the arts community – serving as president of the small but mighty Art on Alberta nonprofit organization, board chair of the CAN Action Fund, member of the Art Spark advisory council, blogger for PICA’s TBA festival, emcee for the Community Music Center’s Make Music PDX shows, and, as board / resource council member for the Independent Publishing Resource Center (IPRC).

Eve is also a chanteuse, dedicated patron of the arts, and fierce ping-pong competitor. Her various creative works have been published, recorded, televised, and occasionally copied.