Madelyn Dawson

Operations Coordinator

Madelyn moved from Chicago to Portland about two years ago carrying with her a passion for nature, art, philosophy, and community. Since then, she has adopted a canine best friend named Velvet and continued to develop a personal art practice. Her current favorite ways to express include: screen printing, dancing, writing, crafting ambient music, knitting, and sewing. She got to know the creative scene in Portland through volunteering at the Independent Publishing Resource Center, where she still likes to play and make things. Her professional background varies from social work to computer repair to coffee to local radio. The common thread is that she strives to do work which improves her environment and the lives of those around her. She enjoys asking questions, trying new things, learning, and befriending the people/situations/things which cross her path. Her all-time favorite author is Clarice Lispector and she loves video games.