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We’ll collect audio of our events whenever possible, and post it here for your enjoyment. Each recording will be accompanied by a transcript.
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Art & Power – Disability & Accessibility

Art and Power: Disability and Accessibility
What would it look like for art to be more accessible? What do disabled artists of color need, both structurally and from community members, to be free to focus more on their work? On September 25th, we held Art & Power: Disability and Accessibility and featured local artists Bemnia Lathan, Luann V. Tan, and Leila Haile as they discussed creativity, productivity, oppression, and liberation through the intersections of race, disability, and art, with moderation from Elea Chang.

Length: 68 Minutes

PDF Transcript

A Celebration of Madison’s 100 days

Madison Cario has been on the job here at RACC since January, 2019. In their first 100 days in Portland they met with over 100 creatives, electeds and community partners. In addition, they also sat down to chat with three of the people who inspired them. In this special audio presentation, Madison explores each individual’s creative identity, discusses connections across sectors, and brainstorms ways to better support artists and arts organizations in our region. Take a listen, we hope you’ll be just as inspired as Madison was!

Length: 40 Minutes

PDF Transcript