Our Programs


RACC’s public art program is among the oldest and most highly regarded public art programs in the country. The region’s public art enlivens urban and rural landscapes and promotes dialogue among people of all ages and backgrounds. Through a variety of public-private partnerships, RACC helps acquire and maintain community-owned artworks in public places. A Public Art Advisory Committee oversees the program.
racc_small_pur RACC supports the region’s vital arts and culture community through a variety of grant programs. These grants are made possible through investments from the City of Portland, Multnomah County, Clackamas County, Washington County, Metro and Work for Art. Funding is awarded through a competitive process that includes dozens of community volunteers serving on peer panels and evaluating each request. Artists and organizations who receive public funding through RACC are required to report on the outcomes of their grant.

RBI_logo_alts_R2A Launched in 2008, The Right Brain Initiative promotes whole brain learning. Our goal is to give every K-8 student in the region access to the arts regardless of neighborhood, language, or income. Through an effort that engages the entire community, we’re creating long-term, lasting change within our school systems.

WorkforArt The arts are a vital thread in the fabric of our community. They offer each of us a unique perspective on our world, paving the way for diversity of thought and self-expression, and giving voice to those who are struggling to hang on.

With a single gift to Work for Art, you can support nearly 100 vital arts and culture groups in Clackamas, Multnomah, and Washington County.

artspark Now in its 8th year, Art Spark is becoming the networking event for Artists and Art lovers of all backgrounds and varieties. People are making important professional connections and discovering more of what is happening in Portland’s creative community.