SMU DataArts offers a unique system that enables arts and cultural organizations to enter financial, programmatic, and operational data into a standardized online form called the Cultural Data Profile (CDP). RACC utilizes DataArts in partnership with the Oregon Arts Commission.

RACC requires General Operating Support partner organizations to complete a CDP Data Profile each year and submit it along with their annual partner report.


Instructions for creating a Cultural Data Profile

  1. Go to and use the login link at the top of the page to access your already existing DataArts account or to create an account for your organization.
  2. Create and complete a Cultural Data Profile (CDP) for your most recently completed fiscal year.
  3. Enter data using your board-approved financial audit/review. If your organization is not audited/reviewed, enter data based on board-approved, year-end financial statements.
  4. When you are finished entering data, click on the tab to your left that says Review and Complete.  Confirm that the all of totals on this page (total revenue, total expenses, total assets, total liabilities and total net assets) match the totals in your board-approved financial audit/review or year-end financial statements by restriction.  If the totals do not match, contact DataArts Support Center for assistance at 1-877-707-3282.
  5. When you are finished entering data, and all errors have been addressed, the Check and Complete button on the page will turn orange. Click this orange button to complete your CDP. If you need assistance, call DataArts’ Support Center at 1-877-707-3282.
  6. Use your CDP data to generate a Funder Report to be included with your report materials. For instructions on how to generate a Funder Report, follow follow this link or watch the video below. 
  7. Download your RACC Funder Report and include it along with the other financial documentation you submit with your GOS Member Report.


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