Cities’ Identity Through Architecture and Arts (CITAA) – 8th Edition

Deadline September 17, 2024

IEREK is delighted to announce that this year’s conference will take place in the University of Cagliari and the University of Portsmouth provides a remarkable backdrop for our exploration of cities’ identities and the transformative power of architecture and arts.

Cagliari, offers a unique example of urban identity that perfectly aligns with the aims of our conference. The city’s rich history, architectural splendor, and vibrant artistic heritage make it an ideal setting for engaging discussions and immersive experiences related to the theme of identity through architecture and arts.

During the conference, participants will have the opportunity to witness firsthand the distinctiveness of Cagliari’s urban identity. From the captivating , with its architectural marvels, to the charming streets and squares that reflect the city’s cultural heritage, Cagliari offers a living testament to the profound interplay between architecture, arts, and the identity of a city.

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