Makerspace Memberships and Private Studio Space Rentals for Artists, Business Owners, Teachers, and Hobbyists!

Deadline June 01, 2024

Past Lives is a 26,000 sq. ft. makerspace that provides access to a wood shop, metal shop with blacksmithing, welding, smelting, and casting; stained glass studio, textiles studio with screen printing, auto embroidery, and leather working; Tech hub with CNC, electronics, and 3D printing; custom framing station, dark room for film and photography, and more! Membership to our maker community is $160 per month and grants you 24/7/365 secure access to all the equipment within our facility.

We have private art studios available for rent by the square foot for members. Our warehouse is expansive and modular– there are 3 large, flexible open areas, and multiple enclosed offices available for rent. The same price, $3.75 per sq. ft., applies to all areas of the makerspace— workshop spaces downstairs closer to the wood shop or metal shops for more industrial work, open-air studios upstairs alongside our community lounge and kitchen, best for fine artists, painters, and work-from-home offices. Your floor plan is customizable and the minimum footprint is 4’x4’ — or $60 per month— and renting a private space is in addition to the monthly membership fee. Whether you’re a small business owner needing an office or a hobbyist only needing a desk away from home, we have space for you.

We host classes, events, and art galleries for the public. Additionally, we are a licensed contractor with an in-house Design & Build construction team spearheaded by two women (OR CCB# 243853). For potential clients commissioning custom furniture, bespoke art, industrial prototyping, or a house renovation– we can handle any fabrication project, all under one roof.

Come use our equipment and resources to empower your artistic growth and enable a sustainable career in the arts. Schedule a tour to check out the makerspace and learn more about membership, private studio space rentals, or teaching classes in our workshops. If you’d benefit from financial assistance, please mention so in your email.

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2808 SE 9th Ave, Portland, OR 97202

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