Chloe Elliott

Chloe is a multi-disciplinary creative and business strategist with a knack for aligning insights and data to strategic, measurable, and iterative solutions that center on delivering customer need and increasing revenue. Her love for data started early on in her career when she served as an Air Force Intelligence Analyst at NSA/CSS Texas. She brings 20+ years of professional experience branching across: enterprise software, government, B2B sales, marketing, retail sales and merchandising, property investment management, leisure vehicle rentals, and non-profit. She is currently a product leader in the local Portland technology industry, serving as a Product Manager at a leading requirements management software company.

Chloe holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of Oregon, Executive Masters of Business Administration from Concordia University, Data Analytics certificate from Cornell, graduate of the McKinsey & Company Management Accelerator Program, a Pragmatic Certified Product Manager and a graduate of PDX Code Guild; a Python-based programming developer bootcamp.

In her personal time, Chloe is passionate about textile design, watercolor-based painting, commercial product surface design, edible landscape gardening and has a weakness for gadgetry with beautiful and utilitarian design. Ask her about the product she is researching right now.