Keith Lachowicz

Public Art Collections Manager


Keith stewards the public art collections owned by the City of Portland and Multnomah County. His team—which includes the Collections Registrar, the Collections Specialist and the Maintenance Technician—works together to maintain the health and welfare of most of the publicly owned art in and around Portland, from delicate prints in the Portable Works Collection to large-scale outdoor sculptures. While the maintenance of public art is Keith’s main responsibility at RACC, he also manages the Portland Building Installation Space program and oversees the Visual Chronicle of Portland.

Keith and his wife Denise have lived in Portland since 2002 and he has worked at RACC since 2007. When not busy pondering the mysteries of galvanic corrosion, Keith can be found bicycling, tinkering with small wooden boats and kayaks, or simply trying to get his dog, Koko, to come when called.