Kristin Calhoun

Director of Public Art


Kristin Calhoun is the Public Art Director with over twenty years of experience in the field of public art. She loves the variety of communities and types of projects that are inherent in managing public art projects for the City of Portland and Multnomah County and other private & public clients. She enjoys speaking to groups about public art regionally & nationally, and is an admitted policy wonk.

Recently she has worked on several Portland Parks & Recreation projects including the national Public Art Network award-winning Portland West Moreland Nature Play. Her latest projects with Portland Parks include the South Waterfront Greenway, Dawson and Luuwit View neighborhood park. Projects in process include the new Multnomah County Health Department Headquarters, the renovation of the Portland Building and several Parks Bond projects. She has a passion for temporary, experiential public art projects & is the founding manager of in situ PORTLAND & Night Lights, a series of projections on the side of the RACC offices, and an artist residency series with Portland Archives & Records Center.