Sophie May

Public Art Project Manager

Sophie is one of those people that lives for the frosting, those delicious moments in life where everything is in alignment and if you’re lucky there may be a touch of glitter and a piece of cake (gf of course). The last 15+ years of her career have been spent managing, producing and dreaming up every type of event possible, from little to large, from London to New York - literally. Being part of the wider web that supports artistic and creative visions is a joy for her.

Sophie is an octopus, as most Virgos are(!), constantly juggling many things at once with an ever evolving to-do list. As a professional problem solver, she has more extra miles under her belt than anyone would like to count. Deeply committed to community and social justice, her work (and life) is embedded in activism and advocacy. Sophie is passionate about harm reduction, trauma informed care, transformative justice, access, equity and inclusion, all through an anti-racist lens, which means learning, failing and trying again is her lifes work. She believes that radical hospitality, radical vulnerability and radical care are forms of art practice. As there is an art to these ways of being that can only be found in practice. In any endeavor, Sophie shows up with all of this awareness, passion and experience as well as a deep level of care, empathy and curiosity…Oh! And rarely without Poppy the puppy, her trusty (and very cute) sidekick!

“I am obsessed with…developing models for action, community strength, movement building and transformation” - Adrienne Maree Brown