RACC celebrates Portland Winter Light Festival on First Thursday with Night Lights: Bodies in Motion, Bodies at Rest

WHO: Regional Arts & Culture Council (RACC), Hollywood Theatre, Portland Winter Light Festival

WHAT: Bodies in Motion, Bodies at Rest, part of the Night Lights video projection series

WHEN: Thursday February 4 from 5:00 to 9:00 pm

WHERE: RACC, 411 NW Park Avenue, Portland, OR 97209. Video projected on the North wall, facing NW Glisan Street

Since September of 2015 RACC and Hollywood Theatre have been collaborating on a First Thursday projection series in the Pearl District called Night Lights. February’s projection is a special collaboration with the Portland Winter Light Festival. Portland artist Fernanda D’Agostino has curated seven Oregon video artists to explore “bodies in motion and bodies at rest” from a wide range of sensibilities.

  • Fernanda D’Agostino investigates both the psychology and science of movement.
  • Penda Diakite analyzes the body as a source of cultural identity and expression.
  • Dancer/Artist Kelly Rauer creates a landscape of movement with her own body as the subject.
  • Julie Perini and Stephen Slappe study the strangeness of everyday experience and how the mundane details of life can take on a sense of mystery.
  • Mack McFarland investigates in his videos the visceral aesthetics and engages viewers in an examination of the nature of perception.
  • Ying Tan’s bodies in motion are sometimes bodies of water or the bodies of other creatures and invite reflection and contemplation.

Their large-scale video projections will be displayed on the large outside wall at RACC and can be viewed from the parking lot.