Buy $5 tickets to many of the best arts & culture events in the region!

Ensuring Arts & Culture are accessible for all

We envision a community that supports, participates, and finds joy in arts and culture, not just for those who can afford to pay, but also for those with limited resources. RACC wants opportunities available for all members of our community. We want people to be uplifted, enjoy arts and cultural events, and be part of the creative fabric of our state. The Arts for All program was conceived by a group of thoughtful arts leaders over 10 years ago to ensure everyone who receives temporary assistance through the Oregon Trail Card/SNAP programs could attend a specific arts and cultural event for $5 a ticket.

While, the Arts for All program, has flourished and steadily grown, we believe it is important to share this amazing program through broader outreach and engagement. It is even more vital to share this amazing collaboration as we continue to recover from the toll of the last few years. We want to connect, build new relationships, heal through trauma, and support our family, friends, and neighbors who are artists, makers, and creative types. The Arts for All program enables us to enjoy arts and culture together, but it also ensures access. Without the support and dedication of arts organizations in our community, this would not be possible.

The following organizations have joined RACC to ensure access to arts and culture in our local community and beyond the tri-county region. Please support these arts organizations anyway you can to show you support access for all. Thank you for being an ally to make arts and culture access, more inclusive and a reality.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Who can buy $5 Tickets?
A. Anyone who gets food relief through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and has the Oregon Trail Card. This includes P-EBT (pandemic food relief).

Q. Is the Arts for All program available throughout the state of Oregon?
A. Most participating arts organizations are in the tri-county area. Currently, we have participating arts organizations in Lane, Yamhill, Hood, and Columbia counties. Some communities have developed their own Arts for All programs!

Q. How many tickets can I buy for $5 each?
A. Two per Oregon Trail Card, but ask the group if you can buy more.

Q. Where do I get $5 tickets?
A. Contact the arts organization or group. They will tell you where and when you can buy $5 tickets. They are listed on this page.

Q. How do I buy the tickets?
A. You must present your Oregon Trail Card  or other form of proof at the time of purchase . You can only pay with cash or credit card.

Q. Which events have $5 tickets?
A. Some of our arts partners have specific events that are part of the Arts for All program. Others offer discounts for all of their events. Check with the individual group (see right) to find out when their concerts are and if $5 tickets are available for what you want to attend.

Q. I don’t have an Oregon Trail Card or other form of proof. Are there other discounts available?
A. Check out our listing of other free and reduced-price admission opportunities with dozens of arts organizations; visit www.racc.org/access. Some of these participating arts organizations also have a sliding scale and often children are free. Feel free to reach out to arts4all@racc.org.

The Origins of Arts for All

In January of 2011, twelve of Portland’s classical music organizations, operating under the auspices of Go Classical PDX convened by All Classical 89.9, announced a pilot project called “Music for All” offering $5.00 tickets to SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) card holders.  Preliminary numbers for the six-month pilot program totaled 1,410 tickets used.  Initial seed money for printing of promotional materials was provided by the Regional Arts and Culture Council, Work for Art and the City of Portland. Plans immediately began to include additional arts organizations in the next iteration of the program and to expand it beyond classical music. The result, “Arts for All” was launched on October 3, 2011. In 2022, RACC assumed the outreach and engagement efforts to expand the program with the support of Friends of Chamber Music, Pat Z. RACC will continue to uphold the vision of access to the arts for all, as the founders intended, and will seek to broaden community knowledge of this program.

Other Communities have Arts for All in Oregon

Corvallis Arts for All (CAFA), a program of the Corvallis Arts & Culture Commission, was launched in 2012. http://www.corvallisartsforall.org/

More Information

For questions, please contact our office at info@racc.org or arts4all@racc.org.  If you are an organization who wishes to join this program, please reach out to arts4all@racc.org.

Stay tuned, since we will be phasing out the Arts for All Facebook page in the fall of 2023. 

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For more information about the SNAP program, visit the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) website.