RACC launches new website

Welcome to our new website! With an average of 452 unique visits per day, we have redesigned and reprogrammed racc.org to help constituents access RACC’s abundant resources more easily. The new website is also fully responsive for tablets and mobile devices, which now account for 30% of all visits.

In addition to the new navigation menus on our homepage, a new superfooter at the bottom of every page helps constituents access the most popular content on racc.org with one click. For example:

  • Artists can apply for RACC grants, discover public art opportunities, find workshops and networking events, and tap into a wide variety of other online resources.
  • Arts organizations can learn more about RACC funding opportunities, find technical assistance programs and download research to help them be strong advocates.
  • Arts educators can learn more about The Right Brain Initiative and other opportunities for teaching artists in our community.
  • The public at large can browse the public art collection, find arts-related jobs, connect with organizations who offer $5 tickets through the Arts for All program, and learn more about how the Arts Education & Access fund, or arts tax, is making a difference in our community.

The new racc.org allows visitors to customize many of RACC’s resource lists by searching and sorting the results. For example, check out RACC’s list of residency opportunities, arts-related jobs, live-work spaces, workshops, and lectures. We have also created a new form where you can submit additional opportunities for RACC to share with others online.

We invite you to explore the new website and send your feedback to Mary Bauer, mbauer@racc.org. We are eager to hear what you think of the new site – good, bad or indifferent – and we will be happy to assist you if you’re having trouble finding something in particular.