Patty Burkett responds

Patty Burkett (Candidate for Mayor) responded on May 11, 2016:

(1) In what specific ways have you supported arts and culture in Portland?

My Beloved late Mother Maxine, was a brilliant and very Loving Soul! We were her Whole
Life, and as her children, we were expected to contribute to the Arts. We most assuredly did. My
brother, sisters, and me have been very Blessed with a Mom that knew the artistry of her son and
daughters. She encouraged so many souls throughout her lifetime. She learned to play Eubie Blake
style Ragtime; from Mr. Blake himself. She was 8 years old. It was 1926. Her grandparents owned a
working farm and boarding house on their property outside Mason City, Iowa. None of the hotels in
town would allow Asian, Black, Gay, Lesbian or Hispanic artists to rest. My greatgrandmother,
Ella apparently frequently stated, “Their money is just as good as anyone’s!” Plus, entertainment into the wee hours of the mornings! And so, my Mom met Mr. Blake only once! She said he was so kind! She played Ragtime for the rest of her life! My older sister Jerilynn was frequently on the local television program in Portland, “Stars of Tomorrow”. She sings high soprano and has been compared in musical style to famous chanteuse Jane Powell; also a Portlander! My brother Norman a trombone player and high volume Wagner enthusiast! My younger sister Bonnie, a magical natural Shakespearean quality thespian since very young childhood. She performed as a child and adult with Children’s Theatre programs in Portland. One of my fondest memories is participating; in the 1950’s with my sister, as very little girls, dressed beautifully in seamstress quality matching fluffy dresses, exquisitely sewn by our Mother. Specifically for audience participation in the Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival Recitals at Washington Park; when the cherry blossoms are exploding in beauteous shades of pink blossoms throughout the city! I can still see and hear the snapping of their fans in unison, dancing in the warm Spring evening air, with absolutely stunning women in full regalia of traditional Japanese costume. Precious, in so many more ways to me; as an adult. I could riff on our involvements within multiple pages.

(2) Artists and arts organizations add measurable value to our region’s economy, our education system and our quality of life, and yet there are a number of pressing needs in our community that often compete for attention and investment. What is the Mayor’s proper role in supporting arts and culture in the region?

Unconditional support! Art is truly the Heart of Everyone! I am confident that many more
Portlanders and Friends of Portland, will be supporting the arts throughout the globe when, they are schooled correctly, on how to correctly pay their Gift (and GenerationSkipping Transfer) Taxes. To have the astronomical luxury of supporting one’s special craft financially, in real time, is so
imperative. I am quite certain that many more artists will be thriving in a resurgence of a true
Renaissance of the Arts everywhere! The rewards are stratospheric!

(3) The region’s affordability is a serious concern for all of us, including artists and artsrelated businesses. What are your plans for making housing and creative spaces more affordable?

Teaching the People of their true value and worth in our society! Includes the constructs of
Uniform Commercial Code specifically. Marvelous! These assets can be processed quite easily
within 90 days or less for anyone 18 years of age and older (children birth to 18, are within the
constructs of grandparents tax issues). Thus, generationskipping defined. The vast majority of the
People have no clue as to how to pay their obligations correctly according to federal laws since at
least 1933. The rewards are unbelievably phenomenal!

(4) Are there other unmet needs when it comes to shaping Portland’s arts and culture policy for the future? If so, what steps would you take to help ensure those needs are met, and how should they be funded?

I am certain there are. One of my favorite ideas is university quality degrees in Symbology!
Our world is filled with ancient symbology. It is important to recognize and be aware of the meanings of the symbolic constructs surrounding us in our historic sites, commerce,works, and arts in everyday activities.I will need to school myself on what priorities are most pressing to the Council. I am confident that we will shine even more as a destination location! I especially want to encourage older Portlanders and younger children to be more involved in all of the arts. I know from observation and familial ties that art is extremely important in virtually every theraputic discipline. Many of us benefit so instinctually from the arts. This is the real SPIRIT of being a City of Art Lovers!

(5) The Arts Education & Access Fund, or arts tax , has delivered on its promise of providing arts specialists for all K5 schools in Portland, but the fund hasn’t generated enough revenue to support as many grants for arts and culture organizations as envisioned. If elected, would you take any steps to modify the arts tax, improve administration of it, and/or fulfill the voters’ vision of supporting arts education and access through other means?

As I have shared above, there is NO LIMIT on what we can accomplish! I really want to
intertwine the RACC mission, in place, within every single one of our 95 Neighborhoods. Not to
mention that our Beloved sons and daughters really need inspiration from adults on how to build on their inherent desire to express themselves; particularly our darling children that need love, attention and unconditional support. Everything feels stressful now. Life Affirming is, indeed, the Clarion!

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