2016-17 RACC Professional Development Grants (Cycle 1)

The RACC Professional Development Grant Program individual artists and arts organizations in Clackamas, Multnomah and Washington Counties with activities that improve their business management development skills and/or brings to them to another level artistically. A total of $44,905 was awarded to 35 individuals and 3 organizations. These grants were approved by the RACC Board on May 25, 2016:

* First Time Professional Development Grant Recipient

Except where noted, recipients are from Multnomah County


*Amorin, Dominic – Travel to San Francisco to attend and exhibit at SoundWave Biennial – $400

*Barrera, Claire – Travel to dance residency in Stolzenhagen, German – $1,400

*Barrett, Eowyn – Travel to present work at the Edinburgh Fridge Festival – $1,250

*Bombardier, Cooper Lee – Attend Lambda Literary Emerging Writers Workshop in San Francisco – $1,200

*Bund, Wayne – Attend Lambda Literary Emerging Writers Workshop in San Francisco – $1,200

Campbell, Carolyn – Mentorship in visual editing software with Kathryn Delany and Susan Bein – $1,250

Chilstrom, Robin – Attend Circlesongs vocal improvisation workshop in Rhinecliff, NY – $1,500

Davis, Quincy – Attend an artist residency at The Organic Art Ranch in Cluj-Napoca, Romani – $1,500

*Dieng, Modou – Attend residency at Pulsar, a gallery in Antwerp, Belgium – $1,500

FarrellSmith, Ka’ila – Attend Djerassi residency program in Woodside, CA – $800

Fuemmeler, Tony – Travel to attend academy with Familie Flöz in Tuscania, Italy – $1,500

*George, Christy – Attend ArtCOP22 event in Marrakech, Morocco – $1,500

*Gray, Lucas – Development of an artist website – $1,250

*Griffin Hébert , Paloma – Attend masterclasses and workshops with violinist Simon Fischer in Ann Arbor, Michigan – $1,000

*Hannegan, Karen – Travel to monastery in Pecos, New Mexico to study retablo painting with master teachers – $1,000

*Hoyman-Browe, Alanna – Attend 10-day workshop with Dance Exchange in Washington, DC – $800

*Hunter-Ishikawa, Eien – Travel to Tokyo, Japan to study Edo Bayashi with master musician Kyosuke Suzuki – $1,500

*Iaboni, Stefano – Travel to Oxford, England to work with mentor and coach Joe Dieffenbacher – $1,500

*Lantz, Ruth – Shipping of work for show at Governors State University in University Park, IL and travel to attend opening – $900

*LaPrade, Jessica – Attend five day intensive painting workshop on Mischtechnik in Loveland, Colorado – $900

Lin, Fuchsia – Work with consultant Morrie Warshawski on values, vision, marketing, and fundraising – $650

*Marlitt, Michael – Attend “Advanced Photo Workshop: New York City” in New York, NY – $1,500

*Martin, Chas – Study with glass artists Marjorie Anderson in Denver, CO – $1,500

*Mavor, Anne – Work with artist coach Gigi Rosenberg – $600

*Neuenschwander, Ronna – Produce a catalog of recent work – $1,000

*Padian, Brian – Attend the Fall Narrative Lab at Stowe Story Lab in Stowe, VT – $750

Perini, Julie – Attend Signal Culture Residency, present work at NY State Summer School for the Arts, and participate in the NY Arts Practicum in NY – $1,100

*Rudolph, Shelly – Update artist website, rebranding, and creation of print promotional materials – $1,750

*Salazar, Souther – Travel to present work at the John Michael Kohler Art Center in Sheboygan, WI and the creation of displays – $1,500

Stolowitz, Andrea – Travel to Berlin, Germany to attend casting and opening of premiere production of new play at English Theatre Berlin – $1,250

Stoner, Deb – Attend the Medium Photography Festival Review and Lecture Series in San Diego, CA – $1,500 (Clackamas County)

*Westby, Denise – Travel to New York, NY to study with master flutist Keith Underwood – $1,500 (Washington County)

*Whitten, John – Travel to Colorado River Basin to participate in Signal Fire retreat – $800

*Williams, Gina – Participate in photography software class at Newspace and portfolio review with photographer Geoffrey Hiller – $460 (Clackamas County)

*Wren Stottrup, Jeni – Attend Podcast Movement conference in Chicago, IL – $1,000


MediaRites – Travel for five company members to attend National Asian American Theater Conference & Festival hosted by OSF in Ashland – $2,000

*Newspace Center for Photography – Travel for curator Yaelle Amir to attend FOCUS Annual Meeting in Toronto, Canada – $1,000

*Portland Storytellers’ Guild – Upgrades of organizational website – $1,195 (Washington County)