2/2-4 “Locus Turris” at the Portland Winter Light Festival

Locus Turris by William Rihel and David Valdez is a low tech, real time exploration of visual science. By focusing on the physics of what humans can hear and see, both pattern and reaction transform into art.

Locus Turris explores light and sound in a way that is, not new to many, but is different in how it isolates the results. In addition to the creation of more complicated experiments, festival goers will get a chance to make their own patterns and see what impact their small scale visual concoctions have on a large scale projection.

Locus Turris sheds light on the parallels of the micro and the macro, to see how a simple ripple becomes a big wave, showing how the forces of the universe are constantly in flux.

William Rihel serves as RACC’s Public Art Program Specialist.

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