PGE Employees Support RACC with a Day of Service

On April 21st, PGE employees supported RACC’s Public Art department and volunteered to perform maintenance on the Oregon Holocaust Memorial in preparation for Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Through a variety of public-private partnerships, RACC helps acquire and maintain community-owned artworks in public places. The Oregon Holocaust Memorial is part of the City of Portland’s Public Art Collection and was funded by the Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education which donated to the City.

Volunteers helped to hand wash and dry the black polished granite “Memorial Wall”, wash and dry the large plaques, and wash and wax a number of smaller bronze works located on the approach to the memorial wall.

A big thank you from RACC to all of the volunteers from PGE that came ready to work with both care and vigor!

If you are interested in volunteering with RACC you can learn more here.