Community input continues

POSTED ON May 12, 2017.

Lead recruiter Anne Johnson of Aspen Leadership Group was in Portland recently to meet separately with the Board-appointed search committee, with RACC staff, and with community representatives including:

  • Kristen Brayson, Portland Public Schools
  • Eva Calcagno, Washington County Libraries
  • Ronault Catalani, City of Portland New Portlanders Program
  • Erik Ferguson, dance artist and educator
  • Victoria Frey, Portland Institute for Contemporary Art
  • Jim Fullan, Oregon Symphony
  • Subashini Ganesan, New Expressive Works
  • Jose Gonzales, Miracle Theatre
  • Joaquin Lopez, music artist
  • Mike Murawski, Portland Art Museum
  • Martha Richards, Miller Foundation
  • Toni Tabora Roberts, Esper House
  • George Thorn, Arts Action Research
  • Carlos Windham, Resolutions NW

After much discussion and reflection and several follow-up meetings, the search committee has concluded that we would like to spend more time working on our process and consulting with the community before advertising the post of Executive Director. We know how eager everyone is to move forward, but we feel strongly that for the search to be as equitable and successful as we can make it, we need to take more time at this stage of the process.

Updates will continue to be posted on a regular basis, including the results of our community survey which will be published soon. (The survey is now closed. Thank you to everyone who participated!)

To contact the search committee, email