Now’s the time


The time has come for me to bid goodbye to my wonderful RACC family and close an exciting 30 year chapter here. It has been quite a journey from our early days in the Portland Building with a staff of 6 or so to the complex, non-profit we have become with great digs on the North Park Blocks, a brilliant and talented staff managing new and thriving programs, a hard-working and inspiring Board, and an ever increasingly diverse and rapidly growing arts community.

Over the years I  have maintained fantastic friendships and professional relationships with people across so many elements of our community and I treasure them all. Thank you for what you have brought to me and to our work at RACC. We have made progress on many fronts by working together.

People ask me every day, “What’s next?” I have a list that includes not living by a schedule, yoga, walking, bike riding, travel with my husband, lots more time with my delightful year plus granddaughter and her adoring parents (in Eugene), relearning piano if that’s possible at my age, hanging out with friends, maybe some classes, and of course projects that pop up that I cannot resist. I am not moving away.

And I have no intention of turning my back on the arts community I love. That’s inconceivable to me. So it isn’t really “goodbye,” but more like “see you around town.” And to prove that I mean that, my new email is 503.307.3600.