Mauricio Robalino’s “Bird” sculpture was dedicated at Luuwitt View Park on 10/21

Mauricio Robalino’s “Bird” sculpture was dedicated on Saturday, October 21st  as part of the Grand Opening of Luuwit View Park.  The Grand Opening was put on by Portland Parks & Recreation and ran from 11 am to 2 pm.  Attendance was high despite the rain. Events were officiated by Commissioner Amanda Fritz and began with a blessing by Native American Ed Edmo, a Shoshone-Bannock poet, story teller and educator. The artist, Mauricio Robalino, was introduced to the crowd by Parks Director Mike Abbaté and was enthusiastically cheered.

Mauricio’s abstracted “Bird” sculpture, which features glass mosaics sides, stands 16 feet high on a promontory on the western side of the park. Luuwit is the Native (Upper Cowlitz) word for Mount Saint Helens.

The park is located directly north of NE 127th Avenue and NE Fremont Street next to Shaver Elementary School.

For more information on Mauricio Robalino visit,  and for more information on Luuwit View Park