General Operating Support Grant survey

The General Operating Support (GOS) Grant Program – the single largest funding program at RACC – seeks to fund arts organizations across the community spectrum and help support a wide range of quality arts programming made available to the Portland tri-county public. Last year the GOS program funded 54 arts organizations and distributed over $2.4 million.

The program was most recently revised in 2014, in anticipation of the Arts Equity & Access Fund (Arts Tax) in the City of Portland. Since 2014 we have had the opportunity to evaluate the way GOS funds reach the community and how much of our community benefits from GOS programs. RACC has also seen significant volatility in Arts Tax funding. Over the next several months, we will be re-evaluating the GOS program and making modifications that address these conditions while ensuring that the program is more transparent, flexible, and inclusive. By strategically revising our funding model, RACC hopes to foster a richer, stronger, and more diverse arts community.

With change comes uncertainty and we understand how challenging that can be for our arts community. RACC has committed to holding member organizations receiving General Operating Support at current funding levels though next year (FY18-19), but anticipates announcing the new grant program structure in Summer 2018 to be implemented in FY19-20.

The stakeholder survey is now closed, however organizations representatives and community members can continue to ask questions and provide input to the process by emailing