2018-19 RACC Project Grants (Cycle 3)

RACC’s Project Grant Program provides financial support to individual artists and not-for-profit organizations in Multnomah, Washington and Clackamas Counties, for project based arts programming. Grants are awarded up to $7,000 and are available in three categories: Artistic Focus, Arts Equity & Access, and Arts Services.  The following 105 Project Grants were approved on May 29, 2019 and total $565,410.

2018-19 Project Grant awards (Cycle 3):

Applicant Project Type Discipline Award
Allotey, Nii Ardey Arts Equity & Access Folk Arts $6,120
Alvarado, Amaya Artistic Focus Dance/Movement $5,880
Aman, Steve Arts Equity & Access Music $5,600
Amorin, DB Artistic Focus Media Arts $6,000
Anderson, Karl Artistic Focus Social Practice $6,000
Atwood, Evan Artistic Focus Media Arts $6,300
Awbrey, Olivia Artistic Focus Music $6,260
Brandt, David Artistic Focus Visual Arts $6,300
Brooks, RaShaunda Arts Services Social Practice $6,300
Butler-Denman, Lyra Artistic Focus Dance/Movement $5,440
Byrne-Seres, Spencer Arts Equity & Access Social Practice $5,250
Carpenter, Allynn Artistic Focus Visual Arts $5,740
Chang, Elea Arts Equity & Access Media Arts $6,300
Colligan, George Artistic Focus Music $3,000
Compton, Amy Artistic Focus Media Arts $6,300
Curington, Susan Artistic Focus Visual Arts $5,530
Darnell, Tiara Artistic Focus Media Arts $5,790
Davee, Edward Artistic Focus Media Arts $6,860
Díaz, Sophia Artistic Focus Visual Arts $5,210
Dodd, Jayy Arts Services Literature $1,800
Eao, Emmeline Artistic Focus Social Practice $6,850
Fogel, Stephanie Arts Services Visual Arts $6,300
Green, Cheryl Artistic Focus Media Arts $5,850
Hasan, Elijah Artistic Focus Media Arts $5,600
Henniger, Michael Artistic Focus Visual Arts $3,870
Holley, Kennard Artistic Focus Media Arts $6,300
Jacobs, Diane Artistic Focus Visual Arts $6,300
Jarrett, Lisa Arts Equity & Access Social Practice $7,000
Klauder, Caleb Arts Equity & Access Music $5,250
Larson, Kendra Artistic Focus Visual Arts $2,650
Leeb, Jordana Arts Equity & Access Community art $3,100
Lippert, Sophie Artistic Focus Music $6,170
Long, Eric Artistic Focus Visual Arts $4,010
Lowe, Janie Artistic Focus Visual Arts $6,930
Matheson, William Artistic Focus Visual Arts $2,260
Matlow, Cambria Artistic Focus Media Arts $5,600
McGeorge , Megan Arts Equity & Access Music $5,060
McNamara, Jason Artistic Focus Literature $4,950
Mefford, Benjamin Artistic Focus Visual Arts $2,880
Mehta, Jessica Artistic Focus Multi-Discipline $5,220
Milholland, Lola Artistic Focus Multi-Discipline $5,380
Miller, Emily Artistic Focus Visual Arts $3,580
Miller, Grant Artistic Focus Theatre $5,600
Mitchell, S. Renee Arts Equity & Access Multi-Discipline $6,930
Morris, Elise Artistic Focus Dance/Movement $5,890
Moscoso, Jose Artistic Focus Social Practice $6,290
Moss, Eva Artistic Focus Media Arts $6,300
Onstott, Cosper Arts Services Literature $6,300
Phillips, Mo Artistic Focus Theatre $4,010
Rengill, Elilai Arts Equity & Access Multi-Discipline $4,980
Rier, Erika Artistic Focus Visual Arts $1,240
Ripper, Karina Artistic Focus Media Arts $7,000
Roushan, Raziah Arts Equity & Access Visual Arts $6,570
Singh, Anupam Artistic Focus Social Practice $5,850
Solunaya, Reina Arts Equity & Access Media Arts $6,300
Stevens, Melanie Artistic Focus Visual Arts $3,800
Stigant, Mandy Artistic Focus Visual Arts $4,930
Strand, Julie Artistic Focus Literature $7,000
Syharath, Samson Artistic Focus Dance/Movement $4,500
Tiedemann, Sarah Artistic Focus Music $4,930
Tillman, Kai Artistic Focus Media Arts $6,950
Trask, Kirista Artistic Focus Visual Arts $4,490
Trujillo, Juan Artistic Focus Media Arts $5,600
Turner, Sarah Artistic Focus Media Arts $5,250
Vivian, Chanel Artistic Focus Literature $5,560
Whitworth, Joni Artistic Focus Multi-Discipline $5,600
Wilson, Dan Artistic Focus Music $5,260
Yanke, Erin Artistic Focus Media Arts $5,500
Advance Gender Equity in the Arts Artistic Focus Theatre $3,680
APANO (Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon) Arts Equity & Access Multi-Discipline $7,000
Artback Artistic Focus Visual Arts $4,500
Bach Cantata Choir Artistic Focus Music $5,480
Beaverton Civic Theatre Arts Equity & Access Theatre $6,260
Bedrock Theatre Artistic Focus Theatre $1,500
c3:initiative Artistic Focus Visual Arts $6,300
Community Vision Arts Equity & Access Visual Arts $2,250
Design Museum Portland Arts Equity & Access Multi-Discipline $5,600
Division Midway Alliance Arts Equity & Access Multi-Discipline $4,800
Fear No Music Artistic Focus Music $6,400
Fonograf Editions Artistic Focus Multi-Discipline $6,280
Fuller Rosen Gallery Artistic Focus Visual Arts $1,850
Fuse Theatre Ensemble Artistic Focus Theatre $6,230
Girls Inc of the Pacific NW Arts Equity & Access Media Arts $5,250
Latino Network Arts Equity & Access Media Arts $4,970
Montavilla Jazz Festival Artistic Focus Music $3,600
Native American Youth and Family Center Arts Equity & Access Multi-Discipline $6,300
Northwest Classical Theatre Collaborative Arts Equity & Access Theatre $6,300
Opera Theater of Oregon Artistic Focus Music $5,400
Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education Arts Equity & Access Social Practice $6,980
Our Bold Voices Arts Equity & Access Multi-Discipline $5,020
Portland Japanese Garden Artistic Focus Visual Arts $5,600
Portland Latin American Film Festival Artistic Focus Media Arts $7,000
Portland Meet Portland Arts Equity & Access Music $5,600
Portland SummerFest Arts Equity & Access Music $5,600
Portland Tango Association Inc Arts Services Dance/Movement $5,600
push/FOLD Artistic Focus Dance/Movement $5,250
Q Center Arts Equity & Access Media Arts $5,360
Shine Children’s Chorus Artistic Focus Music $5,860
Signal Fire Artistic Focus Literature $6,870
Slavic Community Center of NW Arts Equity & Access Folk Arts $6,260
Takohachi Arts Equity & Access Music $6,240
Water in the Desert Artistic Focus Multi-Discipline $7,000
Westside Youth Choir Arts Equity & Access Music $1,910
Willamette Writers Arts Services Media Arts $6,590
World Arts Foundation, Inc. Arts Equity & Access Multi-Discipline $7,000