“Capturing the Moment” through the lenses of Portland’s Black artists, Indigenous artists, and artists of color

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34 Black artists, Indigenous artists, and artists of color have had works selected for a new public art collection titled Capturing the Moment. This collection showcases work in a wide scope of medium, created by emerging artists and creatives across the region in response to this particular moment in time. It is an effort to reflect and record our collective experiences of change, uncertainty, loss, and hope.

A community curatorial team composed of four Black artists and creatives reviewed the submissions and made selections. The curatorial team includes: Christine Miller, visual artist; Bobby Fouther, visual & performing artist; Ambush, Creative Consultant/DJ;  and Stacey Drake Edwards, textile artist.

Selected artists will receive up to $1,500 per individual.

Abby Castillo

Alvaro Tarrago

Anthony Hudson

Anthony Wylen

Ashley Mellinger

Belise Nishimwe

Charlie Brown III

Donna Hayes

Dwayne Sackey

Ebonee Atkins

Emmanuel Henreid

hampton rodriguez

Harrison Pinsonault

janessa bautista

Jene Etheridge

Jonas Angelet

Julian Saporiti

Kiana Kinchelow

Machado Mijiga

May Anuntarungsun

Michael Cavazos

Michelle Fujii

Michelle Martinez

Montrell Goss

Niema Lightseed

Paola De La Cruz

Somya Singh

steven christian

Taylor Valdes

Terrance Scott

Terrance Burton

Valerie Yeo

Yathzi Turcot Azpeitia

This project is supported by the City of Portland and #PDXCARES funding. The collection will be made available for our community to experience; details to follow. For more information, contact: Heather Nelson Kent Communications Manager