2020-21 Make|Learn|Build Grants (Round 1)

RACC’s Make|Learn|Build Grant Program was designed to address the ways the arts community in the tri-county region needed support during the COVID-19 pandemic. Artists, creatives, organizations, and businesses were awarded either $1,500 or $3,000 to make work, gain skills, or build up their arts business. The following 190 Make|Learn|Build Grants were awarded in May 2021 in Round 1 for a total of $535,500.


2020-21 Make|Learn|Build Grant awards (Round 1):

Applicant County Category Discipline Award Amount
Abby Castillo Multnomah Make Multi-Discipline $3,000
Aileen Sheedy Multnomah Make Media Arts $1,500
Aja Ngo Multnomah Learn Visual Arts $1,500
Alexander Milsted Multnomah Build Music $3,000
Alison Heryer Multnomah Build Theatre $3,000
Alison Jean Cole Multnomah Build Other $1,500
Allie Sullberg Multnomah Make Visual Arts $3,000
Alyson Provax Multnomah Make Visual Arts $3,000
Amanda Richards Multnomah Make Music $3,000
Amanda Triplett Multnomah Make Visual Arts $3,000
Anca Hariton Multnomah Make Multi-Discipline $3,000
Anchitta Noowong Multnomah Make Visual Arts $3,000
Ang Sherpa Multnomah Make Folk Arts $3,000
Belise Nishimwe Multnomah Make Literature $3,000
Benjamin Mefford Clackamas Make Visual Arts $3,000
Beth Bundy Multnomah Build Visual Arts $3,000
Bianca Pettinari Multnomah Make Visual Arts $3,000
Brian Padian Multnomah Make Media Arts $3,000
Cassandra Walters Multnomah Make Visual Arts $1,500
Chamisa Kellogg Multnomah Learn Media Arts $1,500
Charity E. Yoro Washington Make Literature $3,000
Charlie Porter Multnomah Make Music $3,000
Cheri Clark Multnomah Build Other $3,000
Chliu-Mie Wu Multnomah Build Media Arts $3,000
Christopher Creath Multnomah Build Multi-Discipline $1,500
Chuck Israels Multnomah Make Music $3,000
Courtney Knight Multnomah Make Multi-Discipline $3,000
Crystal  Sasaki Multnomah Learn Dance/Movement $3,000
Damon Smyth Washington Build Multi-Discipline $3,000
Daniela Naomi Molnar Multnomah Make Literature $3,000
Daren Todd Clackamas Build Visual Arts $3,000
Darrell Grant Multnomah Make Music $3,000
Debbie Baxter Multnomah Make Visual Arts $3,000
Ebenezer Galluzzo Multnomah Make Visual Arts $3,000
Elijah Hasan Multnomah Build Media Arts $3,000
Elise Wagner Multnomah Build Visual Arts $3,000
Elizabeth Dye Multnomah Make Visual Arts $3,000
Emma Josephson Multnomah Make Media Arts $3,000
Erica Compere Multnomah Build Multi-Discipline $3,000
Erika Dean Multnomah Make Multi-Discipline $3,000
Erika Rier Multnomah Make Visual Arts $1,500
Erinn Kathryn Hatter Multnomah Make Visual Arts $3,000
Evan Simko Multnomah Make Music $3,000
Ezra Weiss Washington Build Music $3,000
Francene Levinson Multnomah Build Visual Arts $3,000
Freddy Vilches Multnomah Make Multi-Discipline $3,000
George Colligan Multnomah Make Music $3,000
Gilly Ann Hanner Multnomah Make Music $3,000
Hannah Hefner Multnomah Make Media Arts $3,000
Howard Mitchell Multnomah Make Visual Arts $3,000
Jake Capistran Multnomah Build Music $3,000
Jason Okamoto Multnomah Build Multi-Discipline $3,000
Jayanthi Raman Washington Make Multi-Discipline $3,000
Jaz Williams Multnomah Make Music $3,000
Jea Alford Multnomah Make Social Practice $1,500
Jeff Tuyay Multnomah Build Media Arts $3,000
Jeffrey Chilton Multnomah Make Music $3,000
Jennifer Dynes Multnomah Learn Music $1,500
Jennifer Perrine Clackamas Make Literature $3,000
Jennifer Rabin Multnomah Make Media Arts $3,000
Jessica Mehta Washington Make Multi-Discipline $3,000
Jessica Yen Multnomah Make Literature $3,000
Joah Keller Multnomah Make Media Arts $3,000
Joanie Fox Multnomah Build Visual Arts $3,000
Joi Johnson Multnomah Build Visual Arts $3,000
Joni Whitworth Multnomah Learn Multi-Discipline $3,000
Jordan Chesnut Multnomah Make Literature $1,500
Jordan Vale Multnomah Make Music $3,000
Joshua Rivera Multnomah Build Visual Arts $3,000
Julia Bray Multnomah Make Theatre $1,500
Julian Saporiti Multnomah Build Multi-Discipline $3,000
Julie Hammond Multnomah Make Theatre $3,000
Julie Keefe Multnomah Make Social Practice $3,000
Justin Ralls Multnomah Make Other $3,000
Karina Lomelin Ripper Multnomah Make Media Arts $3,000
Kate Ristau Washington Make Literature $3,000
Kelda Van Patten Multnomah Make Visual Arts $3,000
Kelly Fry Multnomah Make Visual Arts $3,000
Kelly Rasmussen Multnomah Make Multi-Discipline $3,000
Kendall Cottrell Washington Make Visual Arts $3,000
Kerry Politzer Multnomah Make Music $3,000
Kevin Smith Multnomah Make Visual Arts $3,000
Lawson Rogers Multnomah Build Visual Arts $3,000
Leslie Barnum Clackamas Build Visual Arts $3,000
Lillyanne Pham Multnomah Make Social Practice $3,000
Limei Lai Multnomah Make Visual Arts $1,500
Linda Dalal Sawaya Multnomah Learn Visual Arts $3,000
Liz Yerby Multnomah Make Literature $3,000
Lucy Cotter Multnomah Make Multi-Discipline $1,500
M Prull Multnomah Build Visual Arts $3,000
Mackenzie Dineen Multnomah Make Music $3,000
Madeline Mitchell Clackamas Build Visual Arts $3,000
Madison Hughes Multnomah Make Visual Arts $3,000
Mami Takahashi Multnomah Make Multi-Discipline $1,500
Mariana Tres Multnomah Learn Visual Arts $3,000
Marie Watt Multnomah Build Social Practice $3,000
Matt Alber Multnomah Make Media Arts $3,000
Matt Blairstone Multnomah Make Literature $3,000
May Maylisa Cat Multnomah Learn Multi-Discipline $3,000
Megan Andricos Multnomah Build Music $3,000
Megan McGeorge Multnomah Build Music $3,000
Melody Erfani Multnomah Make Theatre $3,000
Micah The Rapper Multnomah Make Music $3,000
Michael Shymanski Multnomah Make Literature $3,000
Monique Lincoln Multnomah Make Music $3,000
Nicolas Mendez Multnomah Build Visual Arts $3,000
Nicole Roberts Multnomah Make Literature $3,000
Pamela Chipman Multnomah Make Visual Arts $3,000
Patricia Vazquez Gomez Multnomah Learn Multi-Discipline $1,500
Philip Pelletier Multnomah Build Multi-Discipline $3,000
Porsche Ing Multnomah Build Multi-Discipline $3,000
RaShaunda Brooks Multnomah Build Other $3,000
Remy Gates Multnomah Make Music $3,000
Rene Ormae-Jarmer Clackamas Make Music $3,000
Renée Muzquiz Multnomah Make Media Arts $3,000
Rhys Thomas Multnomah Build Theatre $3,000
Rose Henry Jupiter Multnomah Make Media Arts $3,000
Rubén García Marrufo Multnomah Build Media Arts $3,000
Ruth Nelson Multnomah Make Multi-Discipline $3,000
Salomée Souag Multnomah Make Visual Arts $3,000
Sarah Mirk Multnomah Build Literature $3,000
Sidra Morgan-Montoya Multnomah Build Multi-Discipline $1,500
Simone Fischer Clackamas Make Multi-Discipline $3,000
Sophie Lippert Multnomah Make Music $3,000
Susan Faust Multnomah Make Theatre $3,000
Talilo Marfil Multnomah Make Multi-Discipline $3,000
Tamara Lynne Multnomah Make Multi-Discipline $1,500
Tammy Jo Wilson Clackamas Make Visual Arts $1,500
Thea Prieto Multnomah Make Literature $3,000
Thérèse Murdza Multnomah Make Visual Arts $3,000
TJ Thompson Multnomah Learn Music $1,500
Tomas Cotik Multnomah Build Music $3,000
Valerie Peterson Multnomah Build Media Arts $3,000
Woodrow Hunt Multnomah Make Media Arts $3,000
Yolanda Valdés Rementería Washington Make Visual Arts $1,500
yue zhou Multnomah Build Visual Arts $3,000
1 World Chorus Clackamas Build Media Arts $3,000
Airlie Press Multnomah Make Literature $3,000
Alberta Abbey Foundation Multnomah Build Multi-Discipline $3,000
All Classical Portland Multnomah Make Music $3,000
Allen Performing Arts Inc. Multnomah Make Theatre $3,000
ARC in Movement LLC Multnomah Build Multi-Discipline $3,000
Art in Oregon Clackamas Build Visual Arts $1,500
Artback Clackamas Make Visual Arts $3,000
Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon Multnomah Learn Social Practice $3,000
A-WOL Dance Collective Multnomah Build Dance/Movement $3,000
Big Mouth Society Multnomah Make Music $3,000
Blackfish Gallery Multnomah Learn Multi-Discipline $3,000
Choral Arts Ensemble of Portland Multnomah Make Music $3,000
Circle Community Dance & Wellness Clackamas Build Dance/Movement $3,000
Flock Dance Center Multnomah Build Dance/Movement $3,000
Fonograf Editions Multnomah Make Literature $3,000
Fuller Rosen Gallery Multnomah Make Visual Arts $3,000
Fuse Theatre Ensemble Multnomah Make Theatre $3,000
Gather:Make:Shelter Multnomah Build Social Practice $3,000
Guardians of the Vibe Multnomah Build Social Practice $3,000
Guild of Oregon Woodworkers Multnomah Build Other $1,500
Heidi Duckler Dance/Northwest Multnomah Make Dance/Movement $3,000
HOLDING Contemporary Multnomah Build Visual Arts $3,000
Mask & Mirror Community Theatre Washington Build Theatre $3,000
Musicians In Solidarity Multnomah Build Music $3,000
North Pole Studio Multnomah Build Visual Arts $3,000
Oregon Arts Watch Multnomah Build Other $3,000
Oregon Koto-Kai Multnomah Build Music $3,000
Oregon Society of Artists Multnomah Build Visual Arts $3,000
Original Practice Shakespeare Festival Multnomah Learn Theatre $3,000
Orlo Multnomah Make Literature $3,000
Our Bold Voices Multnomah Make Multi-Discipline $3,000
Peruvian Cultural Festival And Events Washington Make Multi-Discipline $3,000
Portland Actors Ensemble Multnomah Learn Theatre $3,000
Portland Area Theatre Alliance Multnomah Learn Theatre $3,000
Portland Latin American Film Festival Multnomah Make Visual Arts $3,000
push/FOLD Multnomah Make Dance/Movement $3,000
Renegade Opera Multnomah Make Music $3,000
Rock Dojo Multnomah Learn Music $3,000
Siren Nation Multnomah Build Multi-Discipline $3,000
St. Johns Comedy Festival – Curious Comedy Theater Multnomah Make Theatre $3,000
STAGES Performing Arts Youth Academy Washington Build Visual Arts $3,000
Stumptown Stages Clackamas Make Theatre $1,500
Takohachi Multnomah Make Other $3,000
The City Repair Project Multnomah Make Multi-Discipline $3,000
The Immigrant Story Washington Build Media Arts $3,000
The Old Church Society, Inc. Multnomah Build Music $3,000
Theatre Diaspora Multnomah Make Theatre $3,000
Vibe of Portland Multnomah Learn Multi-Discipline $3,000
We Belong PDX Multnomah Learn Visual Arts $3,000
WildCraft Studio Multnomah Build Multi-Discipline $3,000
X Gallery Art Storage Multnomah Build Other $3,000
XRAY.FM Multnomah Build Media Arts $3,000
Youth Music Project Clackamas Build Music $3,000