Leadership Transition Update – Leaning Into Shared Leadership

Two women, both black, stand in front of poster showing blue sky and historic Portland home. They are both smiling and looking into the camera.

RACC’s Directors-In-Charge: Carol Tatch (left) and Della Rae

Last month the Board of Directors of the Regional Arts & Culture Council announced that Executive Director Madison Cario would be leaving RACC for a new position in the Bay Area starting in December. Since that time, a Core Team of board members and senior RACC leadership team members have been mapping out a transition plan to ensure smooth operations and continuity of programs and services at RACC. The organization stands in a strong position to meet community needs. Among other measures, we’re diversifying our funding, including securing grants from national, state, and local foundations, corporations, and private donors.

We are excited to announce that Carol Tatch will serve leading External Operations and Della Rae will serve leading Internal Operations. This is a shared leadership model that provides business continuity and stability for the organization.

Our Core Team, composed of board members and the RACC Leadership Team, will continue meeting weekly to explore the benefits of shared leadership models for running arts organizations, as well as considering traditional models with an Executive Director. In the coming months, RACC will take stakeholder input and interview other nonprofit organizations that have implemented innovative leadership models here in Oregon and arts organizations across the country.

The Core Team is committed to using this transition to deepen the relationships between the Board of Directors and RACC department leads. The Core Team includes Nathan Rix, RACC Board Chair, Leslie Heilbrunn, RACC Co-Chair, Shani Harris-Bagwell, James Smith, Eve Connell, Madison Cario, Carol Tatch, Della Rae, Kristin Calhoun, Helen Daltoso, and Cindy Knapp.

Madison brought great vision and organizational capability to RACC, allowing us to be responsive, focus on equity, and strengthen our work with key stakeholders. The organization is well-positioned to lead and support the Portland region’s ever-evolving and growing arts community.

Meet the rest of the team.