2021-22 Make|Learn|Build Grants (Round 3)

RACC’s Make|Learn|Build Grant Program was designed to address the ways the arts community in the tri-county region needed support during the COVID-19 pandemic. Artists, creatives, organizations, and businesses were awarded $1,500, $3,000 or $5,000 to make work, gain skills, or build up their arts business. The following 174 Make|Learn|Build Grants were awarded in November 2021 in Round 3 for a total of $506,500.


2021-22 Make|Learn|Build Grant awards (Round 3):

Individual Artists Category Discipline County Award
a.c.ramírez de arellano Make Multi-Discipline Multnomah $3,000
Aaron Wheeler-Kay Make Media Arts Multnomah $3,000
Adrienne Livingston Build Other Clackamas $3,000
AJ McCreary Build Multi-Discipline Multnomah $3,000
Alice Christine Walker Make Multi-Discipline Multnomah $3,000
Alisha Christiansen Make Theatre Multnomah $3,000
Alison Lutz Make Visual Arts Multnomah $1,500
Allan Pichardo Make Media Arts Multnomah $1,500
Allie Hankins Make Dance/Movement Multnomah $5,000
Amy Wike Make Social Practice Multnomah $3,000
Angela Saenz Build Visual Arts Multnomah $3,000
Anna Gray + Ryan Wilson-Paulsen Make Visual Arts Multnomah $3,000
Annabelle McCall Make Visual Arts Multnomah $3,000
Annelyse Gelman Build Literature Multnomah $3,000
Arietta Ward Make Music Multnomah $3,000
Ash Shirazi Make Theatre Multnomah $3,000
Ash Wyatt Make Folk Arts Multnomah $3,000
Ashley Hollingshead Make Theatre Multnomah $5,000
Ayal Alves Make Music Multnomah $3,000
Barbara de la Torre Make Media Arts Multnomah $3,000
Becky Springer Learn Visual Arts Multnomah $3,000
bitter camari Make Music Multnomah $1,500
Brianna Luce Make Visual Arts Multnomah $3,000
Cassia Gammill Learn Multi-Discipline Multnomah $1,500
Catie Hannigan Make Multi-Discipline Multnomah $3,000
Celeste Pulido Garcia Make Visual Arts Multnomah $1,500
Christian Henry Make Media Arts Multnomah $3,000
Claire Gunville Make Visual Arts Multnomah $1,500
D.A. Marie Make Literature Washington $3,000
Dao Strom Make Multi-Discipline Multnomah $5,000
David McElhatton Make Media Arts Multnomah $3,000
Dawn Jones Redstone Learn Media Arts Multnomah $3,000
Diego Morales-Portillo Learn Visual Arts Multnomah $3,000
Dohmoenike Nevills Build Music Multnomah $3,000
Doug Cummings Build Multi-Discipline Multnomah $3,000
Emily Kepulis Make Visual Arts Multnomah $3,000
Emily Miller Make Visual Arts Washington $3,000
Erin Yanke Make Literature Multnomah $3,000
Fernanda D’Agostino Make Multi-Discipline Multnomah $3,000
Freddy Paredes Make Music Washington $3,000
Grace Bigler Make Visual Arts Multnomah $1,500
Haley Reda Learn Visual Arts Multnomah $3,000
haya bashir Build Media Arts Multnomah $3,000
Heather Cannon Make Visual Arts Multnomah $1,500
Helena Dupre Thompson Learn Visual Arts Multnomah $1,500
Irene June Chau Make Visual Arts Washington $3,000
Jamie McPartland Make Literature Multnomah $1,500
Jason Edwards Make Multi-Discipline Multnomah $3,000
Jason Okamoto Build Music Multnomah $3,000
Jennifer Brommer Make Visual Arts Multnomah $3,000
Jennifer Perrine Learn Literature Clackamas $3,000
Jess Graff Build Visual Arts Multnomah $3,000
Jessica Rogers Make Multi-Discipline Multnomah $3,000
Jessie Nowak Build Dance/Movement Multnomah $3,000
Joe Seeley Build Music Multnomah $3,000
Jonathan Hanisits Make Visual Arts Multnomah $3,000
Jordan Souza Make Literature Multnomah $1,500
Jorge Martinez Make Media Arts Multnomah $3,000
Jude Icarus Make Media Arts Multnomah $1,500
Kelly Mackura Learn Visual Arts Washington $3,000
Kendra Larson Make Visual Arts Multnomah $1,500
Kenney Polson Make Music Multnomah $3,000
Kevin McConnell Build Visual Arts Multnomah $3,000
Kevin Truong Make Media Arts Multnomah $3,000
Kira Smith Make Literature Multnomah $3,000
Kyle Kraiter Learn Visual Arts Washington $1,500
Larry Yes Build Folk Arts Multnomah $3,000
Laura Cannon Build Dance/Movement Multnomah $3,000
Laura Medina Make Visual Arts Multnomah $1,500
Lauren Johnson Make Visual Arts Multnomah $1,500
Leialohaokeanuenue Kaula Learn Folk Arts Washington $3,000
Lillyanne Pham Make Social Practice Multnomah $3,000
Lisa Lipton Make Multi-Discipline Multnomah $1,500
Lo Steele Make Music Multnomah $3,000
Loo Bain Make Visual Arts Multnomah $3,000
Lucas James Build Music Clackamas $3,000
Machado Mijiga Make Music Multnomah $3,000
Maren Jensen Make Visual Arts Multnomah $3,000
Marissa Yang Bertucci Make Literature Multnomah $3,000
Martha Grover Build Folk Arts Multnomah $3,000
Mary Lee Build Visual Arts Multnomah $3,000
Maxx Martinez Make Multi-Discipline Multnomah $3,000
Mckenzie Strong Build Multi-Discipline Clackamas $3,000
McKenzie Young Build Visual Arts Washington $1,500
Melina Kiyomi Coumas Build Visual Arts Multnomah $3,000
Melissa Duclos Build Literature Multnomah $3,000
Micah Hummel Make Music Multnomah $3,000
Michael Espinoza Make Visual Arts Multnomah $1,500
Mike Vos Learn Visual Arts Multnomah $1,500
Myhraliza Aala Make Visual Arts Washington $3,000
Myra Day Build Multi-Discipline Multnomah $3,000
Nate Atwell Build Visual Arts Multnomah $3,000
Ori Jay Make Media Arts Multnomah $3,000
Pamela Ann Sadberry Make Visual Arts Multnomah $3,000
Phil Baker Make Music Washington $5,000
Pilar Gallego Build Multi-Discipline Multnomah $3,000
Prashant Kakad Make Music Multnomah $5,000
Ran Sheng Make Media Arts Washington $3,000
Rimona Eskayo Make Multi-Discipline Multnomah $3,000
Roberta Eaglehorse-Ortiz Build Social Practice Multnomah $3,000
Romana Sena Make Media Arts Multnomah $3,000
Romina Del Castillo Learn Visual Arts Multnomah $3,000
Sabina Zeba Haque Make Visual Arts Multnomah $3,000
Sadie Wechsler Build Visual Arts Multnomah $3,000
Sara Burke Make Media Arts Multnomah $3,000
Sarah Farahat Make Multi-Discipline Multnomah $3,000
Seth Lorinczi Make Literature Multnomah $3,000
Silver Chalice Make Visual Arts Multnomah $3,000
Sommer Martin Make Other Multnomah $3,000
Stacy Brewster Learn Literature Multnomah $3,000
Steven Allen-Reeves Build Music Multnomah $3,000
Stevie Anne Nemazee Make Theatre Multnomah $3,000
Susan Chan Build Music Washington $1,500
Susannah Mars Make Multi-Discipline Clackamas $5,000
Sydney Rainer Make Other Multnomah $5,000
Taiyah Marshall Make Music Washington $3,000
Tamara Carroll Build Media Arts Multnomah $3,000
Tammy Hamamoto Make Visual Arts Multnomah $1,500
Thomas Vidosh Make Multi-Discipline Multnomah $3,000
Todd Marston Make Music Multnomah $3,000
Vanessa Boer Make Visual Arts Multnomah $3,000
Yaara Perczek Make Music Multnomah $3,000


Arts Organizations/Arts Busineses Category Discipline County Award
ARC in Movement LLC Build Multi-Discipline Multnomah $3,000
Art By Lissette LLC Build Visual Arts Washington $3,000
Art in Oregon Make Visual Arts Clackamas $5,000
Art-O-Maddic Make Visual Arts Clackamas $5,000
Banana Pepper Music, LLC Make Music Multnomah $3,000
Believe In Wonder Publishing Build Visual Arts Multnomah $3,000
Bridgeworks Oregon Build Other Multnomah $3,000
Bridging Voices Learn Music Multnomah $1,500
C.C. Stern Type Foundry Make Visual Arts Multnomah $3,000
Caldera Make Multi-Discipline Multnomah $3,000
Creative Music Guild Make Music Multnomah $3,000
Curvy Chic Closet Foundation Make Media Arts Washington $1,500
Desert Island Studios Build Media Arts Multnomah $3,000
EngAGE NW Build Multi-Discipline Washington $3,000
Fonograf Editions Make Multi-Discipline Multnomah $3,000
Fourteen30 Contemporary Build Visual Arts Multnomah $3,000
Fuller Rosen Gallery Make Visual Arts Multnomah $3,000
Graphic Arts Center Build Visual Arts Multnomah $3,000
Harry’s Room Build Visual Arts Multnomah $3,000
HeartCenter Art Studio, LLC Build Visual Arts Washington $3,000
HOLDING Contemporary Build Visual Arts Multnomah $3,000
Indigenous Come Up Build Folk Arts Multnomah $3,000
Jailbreak Studios LLC Build Visual Arts Multnomah $3,000
Milepost 5 Learn Multi-Discipline Multnomah $3,000
Mirador Magazine Build Literature Multnomah $3,000
Nationale Build Visual Arts Multnomah $3,000
North Pole Studio Build Visual Arts Multnomah $3,000
Oregon Potters Association Learn Visual Arts Multnomah $3,000
Our Bold Voices Make Multi-Discipline Multnomah $3,000
Portland Child Art Studio Build Visual Arts Multnomah $3,000
Portland Indigenous Marketplace Learn Folk Arts Multnomah $3,000
Portland Jazz Composers Ensemble Make Music Multnomah $5,000
Portland Lesbian Choir Make Music Multnomah $3,000
Portland Oregon Women’s Film Festival Build Media Arts Multnomah $3,000
Pulp & Deckle Build Visual Arts Clackamas $3,000
Red Pig Garden Tools Build Other Clackamas $3,000
Renegade Opera Build Music Multnomah $3,000
Residency Earth Inc Build Music Multnomah $3,000
Slick Education Make Multi-Discipline Washington $5,000
Small Axe Gallery + Projects Make Multi-Discipline Clackamas $3,000
SoulPatch Music Productions Build Music Clackamas $3,000
Street Roots Make Media Arts Multnomah $3,000
Sugarpill LLC Make Multi-Discipline Multnomah $3,000
Teva Oriata Polynesian Dance Troupe Make Dance/Movement Washington $1,500
The Geezer Gallery Make Multi-Discipline Multnomah $3,000
Theatre Vertigo Make Multi-Discipline Multnomah $3,000
Vanport Placemarking Project Make Multi-Discipline Multnomah $3,000
Variable West Build Other Multnomah $3,000
White Lotus Foundation Inc Build Multi-Discipline Multnomah $3,000
Wilsonville Arts & Culture Council Build Multi-Discipline Clackamas $3,000
Women-SEW Global Foundation Learn Folk Arts Multnomah $3,000
World Arts Foundation Inc. Make Music Multnomah $3,000