2021-22 Make|Learn|Build Grants (Round 4)

RACC’s Make|Learn|Build Grant Program was designed to address the ways the arts community in the tri-county region needed support during the COVID-19 pandemic. Artists, creatives, organizations, and businesses were awarded $1,500, $3,000 or $5,000 to make work, gain skills, or build up their arts business. The following 214 Make|Learn|Build Grants were awarded in March 2022 in Round 4 for a total of $644,000.


2021-22 Make|Learn|Build Grant awards (Round 4):

Individual Artists Category Discipline County Award
Adam Brock Ciresi Make Visual Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Aiyana Monae McClinton Build Visual Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Alexandra Behr Make Multi-Discipline Multnomah  $3,000
Alexandra Loves Make Media Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Allie Perez Make Music Multnomah  $3,000
Allison Ray Perrin Make Media Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Aloicious Moss Learn Multi-Discipline Multnomah  $3,000
Amo Reyes Make Media Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Ana Hurtado-Gonzalez Make Visual Arts Multnomah  $1,500
Anchitta Noowong Make Visual Arts Multnomah  $1,500
Anna Hoye Build Visual Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Ansar Muhammad Make Media Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Arvie Smith Learn Visual Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Asa Mease Make Visual Arts Clackamas  $1,500
Ashleigh Flynn Make Music Multnomah  $3,000
Azure Attoe Make Social Practice Multnomah  $3,000
BeeBee Sanchez Make Dance/Movement Multnomah  $5,000
BrandonLee Cierley Make Music Multnomah  $3,000
Brendan Deiz Make Music Multnomah  $3,000
Bridgette Hickey Learn Multi-Discipline Multnomah  $3,000
Carter Silago Make Media Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Cay Horiuchi & UwU Collective Build Multi-Discipline Multnomah  $3,000
Christina Rusnak Make Music Multnomah  $1,500
Christine Clark Learn Other Multnomah  $3,000
Cole Reed Make Multi-Discipline Multnomah  $3,000
Craig McCarthy Make Theatre Multnomah  $5,000
Crystal Jiko Sasaki Build Dance/Movement Multnomah  $1,500
Damien Gilley Make Visual Arts Multnomah  $1,500
Damon Smyth Build Media Arts Washington  $3,000
Dani Townsend & Bernadette Little Make Multi-Discipline Multnomah  $5,000
Daniel Reyes Llinás Make Music Multnomah  $3,000
Danielle Ross Make Dance/Movement Multnomah  $5,000
Darrell Grant Make Music Multnomah  $3,000
David Shirkhani Build Visual Arts Clackamas  $3,000
David Vala Make Visual Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Debbie Baxter Make Visual Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Del Build Multi-Discipline Multnomah  $3,000
Denver David Robinson Make Literature Multnomah  $3,000
Dominick Branch Build Multi-Discipline Multnomah  $3,000
Ebenezer Galluzzo Build Visual Arts Multnomah  $1,500
Edward Bourgeois Make Multi-Discipline Multnomah  $3,000
Eien Hunter-Ishikawa Make Folk Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Elijah Hasan Build Media Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Elisabeth Loomis Build Visual Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Emily Bixler Make Visual Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Emily Newton Learn Theatre Multnomah  $3,000
Emma Josephson Make Media Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Erika Comparoni Make Visual Arts Washington  $3,000
Erinn Kathryn Learn Visual Arts Multnomah  $1,500
Esteban Camacho Learn Visual Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Felicia Murray Make Visual Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Gabriel Espinosa Build Music Clackamas  $3,000
Gaby Tirta Jenkins Make Multi-Discipline Multnomah  $3,000
Hampton Rodriguez Make Media Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Harley Cowan Make Visual Arts Multnomah  $1,500
Heather Goodwind Build Visual Arts Multnomah  $1,500
Heather Lee Birdsong Build Visual Arts Multnomah  $1,500
Henry Felton Make Multi-Discipline Clackamas  $5,000
Henry Miller Make Multi-Discipline Multnomah  $3,000
Ivan McClellan Build Visual Arts Multnomah  $3,000
James Mapes Make Visual Arts Multnomah  $3,000
James Travers Make Media Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Jason Okamoto Build Multi-Discipline Multnomah  $3,000
Jax Chow Make Visual Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Jeff Oliver Make Media Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Jennifer Timmer Trail Make Visual Arts Multnomah  $1,500
Jennifer Wright Make Multi-Discipline Multnomah  $5,000
Jerry Jenáe Sampson Make Visual Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Jesse Blanchard Learn Multi-Discipline Multnomah  $1,500
Jessica Israels Make Music Multnomah  $5,000
JmeJames Antonick Make Dance/Movement Multnomah  $3,000
John Frentress Make Media Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Joni Whitworth Make Literature Multnomah  $1,500
Juhea Kim Make Literature Multnomah  $3,000
Julia Laxer Make Literature Multnomah  $3,000
Julz Clementine Build Visual Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Kalimah Abioto Build Media Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Kanani Koster Make Media Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Karen Polinsky Make Dance/Movement Multnomah  $5,000
Karlee Boon Make Media Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Katherine Brann Fredricks Make Music Multnomah  $1,500
Keenan McCune Make Visual Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Kelda Van Patten Make Visual Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Kerry Politzer Make Music Multnomah  $3,000
Komi Jean Pierre Nugloze & N’Kossi Boutique Make Multi-Discipline Multnomah  $5,000
Kristina Barker Learn Visual Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Lamiae Naki Learn Music Multnomah  $3,000
Leslie Vigeant Make Visual Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Lisa Cox Learn Visual Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Lisa Korpos Make Social Practice Multnomah  $3,000
Lisa Molinaro Build Music Multnomah  $1,500
Liz Asch Make Literature Multnomah  $3,000
Liz Quezada Make Visual Arts Multnomah  $1,500
Lucy Paschall Build Media Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Lynn Deal Build Visual Arts Multnomah  $3,000
M. Martinez Learn Visual Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Mami Takahashi Learn Multi-Discipline Multnomah  $3,000
Marcelo Fontana Make Media Arts Clackamas  $3,000
Mars Xoxo Make Multi-Discipline Multnomah  $5,000
Mary Jacqueline MacDonald Learn Theatre Multnomah  $1,500
Masimbaashe Zvovushe Learn Media Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Matt Weiers Build Music Multnomah  $3,000
Matthew Packwood Make Multi-Discipline Multnomah  $5,000
Maxx Katz Learn Music Multnomah  $1,500
Medina Maurice & ʻIolana Collective Fellows Ensemble Learn Dance/Movement Clackamas  $3,000
Meech Boakye Make Multi-Discipline Multnomah  $3,000
Melanie Stevens Make Visual Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Meredith Law Make Music Multnomah  $3,000
Mic Crenshaw Make Multi-Discipline Multnomah  $5,000
Michael Bui Make Multi-Discipline Multnomah  $3,000
Michael Langman Make Music Multnomah  $3,000
Michelle Ruiz Keil Make Literature Multnomah  $3,000
Moe Bowstern Make Literature Multnomah  $3,000
Monet Ezra Learn Multi-Discipline Multnomah  $3,000
Monica Dailey Make Multi-Discipline Multnomah  $5,000
Nathaniel Praska Make Visual Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Nik Hassinger Make Media Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Nykell DeVivo Build Visual Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Onry Henreid Make Music Multnomah  $3,000
Onyx Baird Make Media Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Pearlyn Tan Build Visual Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Pearson Kunz Make Media Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Pepe Moscoso & Blind Insect Gallery Build Multi-Discipline Multnomah  $3,000
Phacelia Cramer Make Visual Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Pikake Jazzmin Sergia Kahananui Learn Folk Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Princess Bouton Make Media Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Qiddist Ashe & Womb Homb Collective Make Multi-Discipline Multnomah  $3,000
Rachel Kimbrow Make Visual Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Rachel Rosenthal Make Theatre Multnomah  $5,000
Rainyanni Paris Build Media Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Randa Benaziz Make Music Multnomah  $3,000
Reed Wallsmith Build Music Multnomah  $3,000
Reema Zaman Make Literature Multnomah  $3,000
Ricardo Nagaoka Make Visual Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Richard Harrington Make Visual Arts Clackamas  $3,000
Riley Waite Make Visual Arts Multnomah  $1,500
Rio Wrenn Make Multi-Discipline Multnomah  $3,000
Roland Dahwen Wu Make Media Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Russell Short Make Visual Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Samara Andre Make Visual Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Samuel Eisen-Meyers Make Multi-Discipline Multnomah  $3,000
Sarah Meadows Make Visual Arts Multnomah  $1,500
Scott Braucht Make Media Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Sean Bascom Make Media Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Shannon Amidon Make Visual Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Sharon Servilio Learn Visual Arts Multnomah  $1,500
Simone Fischer Make Visual Arts Clackamas  $3,000
Srijon Chowdhury Make Visual Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Stacey Hareid Learn Other Multnomah  $3,000
Stephan Nance Make Media Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Suma Jane Dark Make Visual Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Sweta Ravisankar Build Dance/Movement Washington  $3,000
Talilo Marfil Make Music Multnomah  $3,000
Tallon Jackson Make Media Arts Multnomah  $1,500
Tamesha Scott Learn Other Multnomah  $3,000
Tara Johnson-Medinger Make Media Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Taylor Valdes & The Venderia Build Visual Arts Multnomah  $1,500
Theresa Tran Make Literature Multnomah  $3,000
Tia Katcharian Build Social Practice Multnomah  $3,000
Tyler Jacob Make Visual Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Tyler Stone Build Music Multnomah  $1,500
Ursula Barton Build Multi-Discipline Multnomah  $3,000
Wendy Noonan Make Multi-Discipline Multnomah  $3,000
Zack Dougherty Make Media Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Zeloszelos Marchandt Make Multi-Discipline Washington  $3,000


Arts Organization/Arts Business Category Discipline County Award
Alexis Mercedes LLC Build Visual Arts Multnomah  $1,500
All Classical Portland Learn Music Multnomah  $3,000
ArtBack Make Visual Arts Clackamas  $3,000
Arts and Cultural Management Build Multi-Discipline Multnomah  $3,000
Banana Pepper Music, LLC Make Music Multnomah  $3,000
Beaverton Symphony Orchestra Make Music Washington  $3,000
Blackfish Gallery Build Visual Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Buzzy’s Bees Make Visual Arts Washington  $3,000
Casa Della Zisa Collegium Musica Build Music Clackamas  $3,000
Cathedral Park Performing Arts Collective Make Multi-Discipline Multnomah  $3,000
Center for Study and Preservation of Palestine Make Folk Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Center for the Arts Foundation Make Music Multnomah  $3,000
Cerimon House Make Dance/Movement Multnomah  $5,000
Clackamas County Arts Alliance Make Visual Arts Clackamas  $3,000
Curvy Chic Closet Foundation Learn Multi-Discipline Washington  $1,500
Custom Deluxe Studio Build Visual Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Damascus Fiber Arts School Learn Visual Arts Clackamas  $3,000
Eleven West Media Group Build Social Practice Multnomah  $3,000
Fuse Theatre Ensemble Make Theatre Multnomah  $5,000
Fused Creative Make Multi-Discipline Multnomah  $5,000
Golden Road Arts Build Visual Arts Washington  $3,000
Good in the Hood Make Music Multnomah  $5,000
Helen’s Costume Build Visual Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Kickstand Comedy Make Other Multnomah  $3,000
LP Mode, LLC Build Other Multnomah  $3,000
Misfit Academy Make Theatre Multnomah  $3,000
New Room Studios Build Multi-Discipline Multnomah  $3,000
Pacific NorthWest Council of Water Protectors Build Folk Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Pacific Northwest Sculptors Learn Visual Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Pathways Dance Company Make Dance/Movement Washington  $5,000
Portland Art Dealers Association Make Visual Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Portland Youth Jazz Orchestra Make Music Multnomah  $3,000
Prismagic LLC Make Other Multnomah  $3,000
Risk/Reward Make Multi-Discipline Multnomah  $5,000
Rock Dojo Make Music Multnomah  $3,000
Rogue Pack Theatre Make Media Arts Multnomah  $1,500
Scarlet Sails Cultural Foundation Build Theatre Washington  $3,000
Slavic Community Center of NW Make Folk Arts Multnomah  $5,000
Stephanie Chefas Projects Build Visual Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Street Books Build Social Practice Multnomah  $3,000
Stroll PDX Make Multi-Discipline Multnomah  $5,000
The Broken Planetarium Make Theatre Multnomah  $3,000
The Nature Atelier Make Visual Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Tiny Dance Life Build Dance/Movement Multnomah  $3,000
Tualatin Valley Creates Make Multi-Discipline Washington  $3,000
Uplifted: Locally Upcycled Goods LLC Build Multi-Discipline Multnomah  $3,000
Vibe of Portland Make Visual Arts Multnomah  $3,000
Viva La Free Make Multi-Discipline Multnomah  $3,000
Willamette Writers Inc Build Literature Multnomah  $3,000