2022-23 RACC Arts3C Grants (Fall 2022 cycle)

The RACC Arts3C Grant Program is for the Creation, Cultivation & Community in the Portland metropolitan tri-county region. Multnomah, Washington, and Clackamas County applicants who are creating and sharing arts and culture programming in all disciplines could apply for support for projects or activities in the arts. The following 193 RACC Arts3C Grants were awarded in December 2022 for a total of $745,000.


2022-23 RACC Arts3C Grant awards (Sept 2022 cycle):

Individual Artists Working Title Primary Artistic Discipline County Award
Aaron Kahn new, ambient musical work Music Multnomah $4,000
Abbylyn Williams The Next Step Visual Arts Multnomah $3,000
Adrienne Hatkin “Everything is for Sale” Music Video and Community Screening Music Multnomah $2,000
Akela Jaffi BASS After Dark Multi-Discipline Multnomah $2,000
Alberta Poon Hi-Chews & Haikus Media Arts (Film/Video) Multnomah $3,000
Ali Godil Bliss Journal Visual Arts Multnomah $5,000
Alyson Provax Risograph book project Visual Arts Multnomah $4,000
Amanda Harris Whet Studio Expansion Visual Arts Multnomah $5,000
Andre Buenacosa Instead of Loneliness, I Feel Loveliness Visual Arts Multnomah $3,000
Andrea Stolowitz Elegy Play Workshop/Presentation Theatre/Musical Theatre Multnomah $5,000
Andrew Krissberg Family Worship – Kicked Out of the Garden Music Multnomah $4,000
Angela Sagues Stories in the Making Visual Arts Multnomah $3,000
Anna Miller Scaling illustration Visual Arts Multnomah $2,000
Anne Greenwood-Rioseco PSU residency TC2 Weaving for Exhibition w/ talk Visual Arts Multnomah $5,000
Anthony Hudson Portland Drag Theatre Festival Multi-Discipline Multnomah $3,000
Ashley Montague mural and music video Visual Arts Multnomah $5,000
Bebe Montoya Supporting Sustainable Growth For My Art Practice Visual Arts Multnomah $3,000
Becky Springer resources to develop online teaching offerings Visual Arts Multnomah $3,000
Bo-Mandela Cordeta The Teachings (Album) Music Multnomah $5,000
Brance Berry Brancesuniverse x RACC Music Multnomah $5,000
Bridget McBride Black Light Media Arts (Film/Video) Multnomah $3,000
Bryan Smith Folkways Music Multnomah $4,000
Caixin Huang Rocks Folk Arts Multnomah $2,000
Callum Angus artifacts of smoke and mold Literature Multnomah $5,000
Carolyn Hazel Drake Wild Peninsula: Color & Sound in North Portland Visual Arts Multnomah $4,000
Catherine Lee Purchase of audio equipment Music Multnomah $2,000
Cheyne Queezy Roses 2 the World Music Multnomah $5,000
Chisao Hata THE ASSEMBLY CENTER Multi-Discipline Multnomah $5,000
Claire Barrera Grammar of the Imagination Tour Dance/Movement Multnomah $4,000
Crystal Cortez Tools for Immersive Audio Media Arts (Computer/technology) Multnomah $3,000
Dani Townsend SHOW OUT; Community Showcase Multi-Discipline Multnomah $5,000
Douglas Detrick The Lost Colony fully scored audio book Media Arts (Audio) Multnomah $2,000
Elise Wahl Drawing Tablet for Interpretive Media Design Work Visual Arts Washington $1,000
Elizabeth Arzani New Harmony Clay Projects Artist Residency Visual Arts Multnomah $1,000
Emily Haswell educational videos on singing Music Multnomah $4,000
Emily Running Gold Suit Dance/Movement Multnomah $2,000
Emma Barrow Other Plans Media Arts (Film/Video) Multnomah $5,000
Emma Josephson Sew into You Media Arts (Film/Video) Multnomah $5,000
Eric Mast Spoiler Room Media Arts (Film/Video) Multnomah $4,000
Estevan Muñoz romantic dramedy novel ‘Between Detroit & Me’ Literature Multnomah $2,000
Ezra Weiss Golem’s Gift Development Theatre/Musical Theatre Washington $2,000
Felicia Murray Keep Growing Literature Multnomah $4,000
Fuchsia Lin Future Cosmos Flow Multi-Discipline Multnomah $5,000
G. Chesler dysConnect: Trans Lives during COVID-19 Media Arts (Film/Video) Multnomah $5,000
Hailee Evans Tattoo private studio Folk Arts Multnomah $2,000
Hampton Rodriguez Lotería Multi-Discipline Multnomah $2,000
Heather Lee Birdsong Participation costs for artist-run gallery membership Visual Arts Multnomah $1,000
Heather Watkins Blindspots & Throughlines Visual Arts Multnomah $3,000
Jayanthi Raman Samatvaa: Celebrating Equity Dance/Movement Washington $5,000
Jeremy Rotsztain “Walking a Turtle” pop-up installation at the Lloyd Center Media Arts (Computer/technology) Multnomah $4,000
Jesica Glas Blown glass studio Visual Arts Multnomah $2,000
Jessica Daugherty Get Your ‘A’ In Oregon Media Arts (Film/Video) Multnomah $5,000
Jessica Mehta Spring 2023 Projects Multi-Discipline Multnomah $5,000
Jessica Riehl Art Like Us Elementary School Curriculum Visual Arts Washington $5,000
Joanie Fox Beatlore Media Arts (Film/Video) Multnomah $5,000
Joe Kye Tiger Tiger PDX 2023 Music Multnomah $5,000
Johanna Kunin Always Falling Music Multnomah $5,000
Johnny Franco LaurelThursday Music Multnomah $2,000
Joni Whitworth Future Prairie Radio Media Arts (Film/Video) Multnomah $5,000
Jordan Vale No Work In The Summer Music Multnomah $4,000
Joshua Faber-Hammond Koto Studies and Music Residencies in Tokyo, Japan Music Multnomah $3,000
Juan Trujillo Mapping Masculinity: Queer of Color Perspectives on Masculinity Media Arts (Film/Video) Multnomah $5,000
Judith Wilding “Resonance: A Memoir” Completion and Writing Class Literature Multnomah $4,000
Julia Bonnheim Oil in the Water Media Arts (Film/Video) Multnomah $5,000
Julia Calabrese Character and Special FX Makeup Certificate Program Multi-Discipline Multnomah $4,000
Kate McCallum In Sea and Air Literature Washington $2,000
Kate Simmons Landscapes and Surfaces Media Arts (Film/Video) Clackamas $5,000
Keana Marrero Keeks Mag Issue 02 Visual Arts Multnomah $5,000
Kelda Van Patten RAW Peaches and Perfume Visual Arts Multnomah $4,000
Kesiah Manival “Dancing Across the Water” – 16mm short film Media Arts (Film/Video) Washington $2,000
Kim Lakin PDX Red Wall Project Visual Arts Multnomah $3,000
Kimberly King Parsons Support for Travel to an Artist Residency at San Ysidro Ranch Literature Multnomah $2,000
Kyle Yoshioka Provecho Magazine Literature Multnomah $5,000
Lamiae Naki Al-Tayaarat Music Multnomah $5,000
Lara Messersmith-Glavin Spirit Things audiobook recording Media Arts (Audio) Multnomah $3,000
Lava Alapai Middletown Mall Theatre/Musical Theatre Multnomah $5,000
Leticia Ramirez Angel Academy Painting Intensive / May 2023 Visual Arts Multnomah $4,000
Linda Austin 3 miles of possible Dance/Movement Multnomah $4,000
Lindsey Ferguson Welcome Home Ned and Wendy Music Multnomah $4,000
Loulou Fernandez Calling Them Home Social Practice Multnomah $4,000
Maggie McCloskey Stranger Inside Multi-Discipline Multnomah $2,000
Mark Brody Glencoe Mural Renovation Visual Arts Multnomah $5,000
Marlow Jay Constellation Collective screenprinting equipment Visual Arts Multnomah $2,000
Matt Blairstone Tenebrous Press 2023 publishing calendar and operating budget Literature Multnomah $2,000
May Anuntarungsun Food Exhibition at the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts in NYC Visual Arts Multnomah $5,000
Megean McBride-Sanchez LATE TO MOMS FUNERAL Media Arts (Film/Video) Multnomah $3,000
Melanie Ooi World of Henna: Morocco Visual Arts Multnomah $5,000
Michael Espinoza snapshots for future lovers Visual Arts Multnomah $5,000
Mike Vos A Thin Wall of Vellum Visual Arts Multnomah $5,000
Misty Eddy Queer: A Celebration Media Arts (Film/Video) Multnomah $2,000
Molly Light Pork Chopped Media Arts (Film/Video) Multnomah $2,000
Monica Parra Dance on Film Self Portrait Dance/Movement Multnomah $4,000
Nancy L Ives Ed Edmo video recording for Celilo Falls performances Music Multnomah $3,000
Oliver Daofu tattoo business Visual Arts Multnomah $5,000
Onry Henreid Honoring Black Elders Multi-Discipline Multnomah $5,000
Orquidia Velasquez Ecotone Visual Arts Multnomah $2,000
Pamela Chipman Afraid/Not Afraid Visual Arts Multnomah $1,000
Pan reviver Music Multnomah $3,000
Paola De La Cruz Dance Of The Butterfly: The Art of Healing Visual Arts Multnomah $3,000
Pearlyn Tan childrens book on disability, ableism centering BIPOC family story Visual Arts Multnomah $5,000
Pedro Parra Chiibalkan Music Multnomah $5,000
Pepper Pepper The Moon Beneath Us – Performance Multi-Discipline Multnomah $3,000
Pilar Gallego Lust Killer Visual Arts Multnomah $5,000
Prashant Kakad full-length album of original music Music Multnomah $2,000
Quincy Davis REBELWISE Album #2 Music Multnomah $2,000
Rachel Ward “Love Me Bait Me” Documentary Media Arts (Film/Video) Multnomah $5,000
Rebecca Boraz Relief Printmaking Expansion Visual Arts Multnomah $2,000
Rebecca Sanborn Shadow Work Music Multnomah $5,000
Rebel Sidney Fayola Black Burnett Art on Our Bodies: Being Black, Gender Expansive, and Disabled in the Arts Social Practice Multnomah $5,000
Rhys Thomas Strolling kinetic sculpture repair and creation Theatre/Musical Theatre Multnomah $2,000
Rimona Eskayo Workshop Series and Expanded Access for “I’m Having Top Surgery: An Illustrated Guide For You And Me” Multi-Discipline Multnomah $5,000
Robert Blatt Works on Paper Multi-Discipline Multnomah $3,000
Roger Peet Mapping the Mine- A printmaking project connecting DR Congo and Portland Visual Arts Multnomah $3,000
Ruben Rivera Community 3D workshop and home studio equipment Media Arts (Computer/technology) Multnomah $4,000
Sadie Wechsler Field Capacity Visual Arts Multnomah $2,000
Samara Andre Art Heaux projects Visual Arts Multnomah $5,000
Sandra Lanz Sánchez-Penichet self-portrait porcelain sculptures Visual Arts Multnomah $2,000
Shelbie Loomis Park Arts Workshops Social Practice Multnomah $4,000
Solomon Gessesse PDX Hip-Hop Collaboration Album Music Multnomah $4,000
Stephanie Gervais AADK Spain Artist Residency Multi-Discipline Multnomah $2,000
Stephanie Schneiderman Record a song with many members of the local music community in honor of a departed friend/supporter Music Multnomah $2,000
Stephen Cohen Breathing with the Trees Music Clackamas $4,000
Summer Luu The Untold Stories of BIPOC Adoptees Media Arts (Film/Video) Multnomah $5,000
Suzanne Savaria Director: Vestival Film Fest Media Arts (Film/Video) Multnomah $4,000
Tallon Jakson Yamatala Media Arts (Film/Video) Multnomah $3,000
Theresa Tran Archipelago Dispatches Literature Multnomah $4,000
Tie Li Art Bridgt the Conmmunity-a artshow for the Chinese new year Visual Arts Clackamas $3,000
Tonya Jones Superstition Literature Multnomah $4,000
Twig Cosby Queer Cat Firing: An LGBTQIA+ Ceramics Workshop and Wood-Soda Kiln Firing Experience Visual Arts Multnomah $2,000
Ulysses Harmony Garcia Finding My Voice, a Memoir Literature Washington $2,000
Wendy Hambidge Standing Together Dance/Movement Multnomah $5,000
Xiaolin Jiang Intersection of mental health and art Visual Arts Clackamas $1,000
yrus Nabipoor In Lieu of Tears Music Multnomah $4,000
Zephyr Brown Rebuild the Hands on juggling school that comes to you! Social Practice Clackamas $2,000


Organizations Working Title Primary Artistic Discipline County Award
45th Parallel Femenine Music Multnomah $4,000
AFRU Gallery AFRU Gallery Website Re-Envisioned Visual Arts Multnomah $3,000
All Classical Portland Artist in Residence Recording [Yuko Uebayashi’s Sonata for Flute and Piano] Music Multnomah $5,000
Belong Art Community Belong Art Community Podcast Media Arts (Audio) Multnomah $5,000
Blackfish Gallery Blackfish Gallery Operational Aid Visual Arts Multnomah $5,000
Bridger Elementary School PTA Bridger Community Mural Visual Arts Multnomah $2,000
Bridging Voices LGBTQ+ and allied youth chorus operating support Music Multnomah $2,000
Center for the Arts Foundation Center For The Arts Foundation Little Theatre and Conference Room Music Multnomah $5,000
Centro Cultural of Washington County El Grito 2023 Folk Arts Washington $5,000
CETI XRchive – Community-Created Augmented Storytelling Experiences-(Hi)stories and Visions of Lone Fir Media Arts (Computer/technology) Multnomah $5,000
Clinton St. Theater Clinton Street Theater – Community Space Improvements Multi-Discipline Multnomah $5,000
Color Outside the Lines Art Outreach for Youth in Need 2022 Visual Arts Multnomah $5,000
Crave Theatre Company Make More Art Theatre/Musical Theatre Multnomah $5,000
Curvy Chic Closet Foundation Curvy Chic Closet Foundation Spring Fashion Show 2023 Theatre/Musical Theatre Washington $3,000
Depave Oliver Middle School Playground Mural Visual Arts Multnomah $5,000
Earthtones Music Therapy Northwest Stipend to staff, sensory-friendly instruments, and rent Music Multnomah $5,000
en Taiko “Taiko & Light” and Community Music Multnomah $5,000
Fear No Music “Locally Sourced Sounds” concert Music Multnomah $5,000
First Matter Press First Matter Press Annual Publishing Cycle 2023 Literature Multnomah $3,000
Growing Gardens Mural Visual Arts Multnomah $5,000
Heidi Duckler Dance/Northwest Sin Maíz No Hay País Dance/Movement Multnomah $5,000
Hillsboro Downtown Partnership Window Artist Takeover Visual Arts Washington $5,000
HOLLA School HOLLA School Native American Programming Multi-Discipline Multnomah $5,000
India Cultural Association India Festival 2023 Multi-Discipline Washington $5,000
Japanese Ancestral Society – Ikoi no Kai Inter-generational Storytelling & Food Event Social Practice Multnomah $2,000
Jazz Society of Oregon Cathedral Park Jazz Festival Music Multnomah $5,000
Latino Network Supporting Studio Latino Teaching Artists in Portland Public Schools Multi-Discipline Multnomah $5,000
Montavilla Jazz Mt. Tabor Celebration Concert – 10th Annual Montavilla Jazz Festival Music Multnomah $5,000
Nat Turner Project Black Whole Press (Printmaking Residency and Workshops) Visual Arts Multnomah $5,000
New Moon Productions Drama Literacy Program Theatre/Musical Theatre Multnomah $2,000
New Year in the Park 2023 Annual New Year in the Park Multi-Discipline Multnomah $5,000
North Pole Studio Participation in 2023 Outsider Art Fair Visual Arts Multnomah $5,000
Open Space Outsider Dance/Movement Multnomah $5,000
Oregon Arts Watch Operating Support Literature Multnomah $5,000
Painted Entertainment LLC Art as an Outlet Multi-Discipline Washington $5,000
PDX Suite Spot LLC Crossing the Red Line/Black Beyond February Multi-Discipline Multnomah $5,000
Portland Jazz Composers Ensemble The Most, The All of It: New Music, New Spoken Word Multi-Discipline Multnomah $5,000
Portland Latin American Film Festival XVII ANNUAL PORTLAND LATIN AMERICAN FILM FESTIVAL Media Arts (Film/Video) Multnomah $5,000
Portland Symphonic Choir Summer Sings Series Music Multnomah $3,000
Portland Winter Light Festival Portland Winter Light Festival 2023: Art Coordinator Support Multi-Discipline Multnomah $5,000
Pride of Portland Chapter of Sweet Adelines Intl. Sound Improvement in Rehearsal/Performance Hall Music Multnomah $2,000
QDoc: Portland Queer Documentary Film Festival QDoc Film Fest / Portland’s LGBTQ+ Documentary Film Festival Media Arts (Film/Video) Multnomah $5,000
Risk/Reward Risk/Reward 2023 Operating Support Multi-Discipline Multnomah $5,000
Roots and All Theatre Ensemble Ritual Treatment Dance/Movement Multnomah $5,000
Samewave Radio Sunday Syncs Media Arts (Audio) Multnomah $5,000
Shaun Keylock Company Queer Archive Project 1995-2015 Dance/Movement Multnomah $5,000
Sincere Studio Sincere Studio Visual Arts Multnomah $5,000
Sojourn Theatre Don’t Go Theatre/Musical Theatre Multnomah $5,000
Souvenir Souvenir: Artist/Curator Stipends and Staff Support for 2023 Visual Arts Multnomah $5,000
Steps for Youth DanceAbility Program Dance/Movement Multnomah $5,000
Synth Library Portland (S1) Operating Expenses – Staff and Workshops Media Arts (Audio) Multnomah $5,000
The Ink Lab Custom Apparel LLC Equipment purchase Visual Arts Multnomah $5,000
The Old Church Society, Inc. SOL: SING OUT LOUD Music Multnomah $2,000
Tualatin Valley Creates Main Street Commons Public Art Initiative Visual Arts Washington $5,000
Venezuela’s Voice in Oregon Cultural Afternoon/ Tarde Cultural Folk Arts Multnomah $2,000
Vino Veritas LIVE Jazz @ Vino Veritas Music Multnomah $5,000
Water in the Desert Water in the Desert Subsidized Space Program (SSP) Dance/Movement Multnomah $5,000
We Are The Most Beautiful People LLC We are the Most Beautiful People | Adults with Disabilities Media Arts (Film/Video) Multnomah $5,000
Willamette Falls Symphony Oregon Mahler Festival 2023 Music Clackamas $5,000