ADDITIONAL Community Arts Engagement and Listening Sessions to be held in March

The Regional Arts & Culture Council is one of the many partners who are participating in the  Our Creative Future project. We want to ensure your participation and encourage you to sign up to attend any community arts engagement and listening sessions. We are sending this message on behalf of the partners.  If you have suggestions regarding these events please reach out to Our Creative Future’s primary organizers. Below you will find a message from the organizers at Our Creative Future.


Thanks for your interest in taking part in the Our Creative Future arts and cultural planning process. I am sure it was frustrating to attempt to register for an event only to find that it was already at capacity.

Our initial community meetings with arts organizations and artists are intended to be held in person, and as such, we are working within the venue capacities of our generous hosts. These meetings filled up much, much faster than we anticipated. As a result we are now looking into options to host additional in-person events to hear from arts organizations and artists in the coming weeks and months. We will share any updates about this through our email list and at

We are planning two virtual engagement sessions with arts organizations and artists to take place over Zoom in March. You can RSVP at the links below.

VIRTUAL:  Friday, March 24 from 1030-12:00pm (PST) arts and culture organizations:

VIRTUAL: Friday, March 24 from 3:00-4:30pm (PST) artists and creatives:

We will also soon be launching an online community survey so that anyone who can’t attend one of our conversations can still lend their voice to the arts and cultural plan, as well as a Community Conversations toolkit to share highlights from discussions around the region. All of our community engagement opportunities are free to participate in.

Thank you again for your interest. We truly hope to hear from you as a part of this effort!


For more information regarding RACC’s participation please reach out to Mario Mesquita, Manager of Advocacy and Engagement.