If you receive a grant from the Regional Arts & Culture Council, when promoting and presenting your event or sharing your artistic activities, it is important to acknowledge RACC’s support. This allows us to share your projects on our platforms and helps our communities see the impact of public arts funding.

On printed and web materials, we ask that grantees include the RACC logo, available in several formats. Please choose the color and file format that work best for your application. To download, click the appropriate link (EPS, JPG, or PNG) below each image.

Note: If you’re in need of an alternative format/resolution, please contact our Communications Team.


When using our logos, do not separate them or any of their components. Do not rotate, stretch, or otherwise distort the dimensions of the logo. Please take care to retain adequate white space around the logos when including them among other graphical elements in a publication; there should generally be space around the logos on all sides equal to or more than the height of the logos.

When printing logos on a colored or black background, please use the logo that would provide the most contrast.

Primary Logo

Black: SVG | JPG | PNG
White: SVG | JPG | PNG


Arts Education and Access Fund Logos

The Regional Arts & Culture Council and the City of Portland’s Arts Oversight Committee collaborated on the 2021 Arts Education and Access Fund (AEAF) Logo Competition. The competition challenged students to reimagine the original logo to illustrate how the fund supports the community and showcase students who benefit from arts education in school. We encourage arts organizations that receive arts tax funding through RACC to include this emblem in programs, posters, websites, print ads and other collateral materials.

Logo design by Vincente, PPS Rose City Park, 3rd Grader